Blonde: – Don’t watch it

Blonde: - Don't watch it

It didn’t take long before Netflix’s latest “Blonde” movie climbed to the streaming service’s “most watched” list. The film is based on the novel by Joyce Carol Oates (84) with the same title.

“Blonde” embodies the life of the late actress Marilyn Monroe. The movie has now caused a strong reaction from many people.

Much of the criticism relates to, among other things, that the film makes Monroe sexual.

“Blonde”: The film depicts the chaotic life of Hollywood star Marilyn Monroe. Video: Netflix
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to me diverse Abortion researcher at the University of California, Steve Herold, is one of those who shared their displeasure.

“I had the misfortune of watching Blonde on Netflix last night and let me tell you this movie is very anti-abortion, sexist and exploitative. Couldn’t recommend it less. Don’t watch it. The abortion scenes are especially horrific to watch, but that’s the whole movie, Herold wrote on Twitter.

“It has to be one of the most slanderous, hateful, and fabricated biographies I’ve ever seen. Marilyn was not weak, she stood up for people’s rights, women’s rights for equal pay, and never wanted to be treated as a joke or a sexual object”, Another wrote on Twitter.

Model Emily Ratajkowski (31 years old) is also one of those who interact. She took to TikTok to share her opinion on the movie.

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The model believes, among other things, that society has a sick fetish for women’s pain.

– I’m not surprised when I heard that this is another movie that ranks female pain even in death. Look at Amy Winehouse, look at Brinny Spears, look at how obsessed we are with Diana’s death. The way we obsess over dead girls and serial killers. Watch any episode of “CSI,” where Ratajkowski says in the video that there is an obsession about a woman’s pain and death.

Nor the main actor of the film, Ana de Armas (34)or director Andrew Dominic (54), spoke about the massive criticism.

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