BMW iX Flow – Never seen this before

BMW iX Flow - Never seen this before

Car manufacturers usually reveal concept cars several years before the actual cars or versions of them are released.

During the CES trade show in Las Vegas, many auto companies, as well as Sony, have some exciting concepts in their luggage. We have already written about Exciting Mercedes IQXX, which should have as good a range as a full tank diesel.

However, the BMW iX Flow concept car is exciting in a slightly different way.

change color

The BMW iX Flow consists of a coating that allows the driver to change the exterior color at the touch of a button.

The surface actually contains E-ink, i.e. e-ink like tablets, which means it is possible to change between different shades of gray.

The BMW iX Flow surface coating consists of several million microcapsules, the diameter of which is proportional to the thickness of the hair. Each of these microcapsules contains negatively charged white and black positively charged pigments. Depending on the setting selected, the electronic field stimulation will cause white or black pigments to accumulate on the surface of the microcapsule, giving the car the exterior the desired shade, BMW explains.

One of the uses that BMW envisions is for use on hot days and in bright sunlight.

A white surface reflects more sunlight than a black one. BMW writes that at high outdoor temperatures and strong sunlight, you can thus reduce vehicle heating by changing the exterior color to a lighter colour.

In other words, it would be beneficial to have a darker shade on the car when it’s cold outside, and using less energy to cool or heat the car inside, will also help maintain range.

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Will it be legal?

At the moment, only white, black and gray are available, but there is E Ink technology as well Supports thousands of colors, as seen in the Pocketbook Color tablet, so there is a certain possibility of more possibilities here – if the technology is approved according to the regulations.

– We do not have any comments on the subject, but we comply at all times with the regulations for vehicle requirements. The issue of approval should be directed to the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, says Roar Skjelbred Larsen, UP’s assistant manager, to DinSide.

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