Bodo Airport closed until further notice – 350 passengers waiting for flights – NRK Nordland

Bodo Airport closed until further notice – 350 passengers waiting for flights – NRK Nordland

Bodo Airport was closed until further notice as a result of the storm at eight o’clock.

This is what technical manager Øystein Madsen tells NRK.

Bodø Airport is closed until 10.

– We estimate that we will be closed until 10 o’clock, so we will take passengers to flights.

Earlier, 350 to 400 passengers were waiting on the plane while efforts were made to clear the runway. Talked about two full flights to Oslo. Passengers along Widerøe were taken by plane after the closure was announced.

He says the wind is blowing at 21 meters per second and there is heavy snowfall.

– There is a lot of snow. We drove the plow trains and when we got to the other end they had 10 centimeters of screed behind them, so plowing was almost useless.

Matson said the winds are too high to adequately de-ice the planes.

Photo: Malin Nygaard Solberg / NRK

As a result of the closure at Bodø, flights in Tromsø and Oslo have also been grounded before going to Bodø.

Madsen says Friday morning’s delays will likely spread throughout the day and to multiple airports.

– We hope to be able to pick up some, but there will be some delays throughout the day. If this continues, there will be more. Today is a tight schedule, so things are going well, says Mattson.

Air passenger Tina Olavsen is waiting to go home for Christmas.

Tina Olavsen goes home for Christmas to Legnes in Lofoten. She was actually supposed to arrive at 3pm on Wednesday, but air traffic put an end to those plans.

Photo: Malin Nygaard Solberg / NRK

Dina Olavsen is one of the passengers now stuck in the snow at the airport.

– I go home to Legnes, but it doesn’t go as planned. I’m a little worried.

– But Swolvere got a new plane an hour away, so hopefully it will work now.

She just came home from an exchange semester in Hawaii.

– So I was looking forward to coming home on my mom’s couch

He was actually supposed to be home at 3pm on Wednesday, but the plane didn’t go. As a result, she had to spend the night in Bodo and was at the airport since 6am on Friday.

Yellow Hazard Alert Moray and Romsdal

A yellow warning for snow has been issued for Møre and Romsdal, Trondelag, Nordland and Tromsø.

Photo: Screenshot

Yellow warning for snow

But today there is heavy snowfall in many places.

The Met Office has issued a yellow warning for snow for Møre and Romsdal, Trøndelag, Nordland and Tromsø.

5-20 cm of snow is expected in Møre and Romsdal in 24 hours.

Elsewhere, 10-25 cm of snow is expected.

Beiarfjellet on County Road 813 was dispatched due to storms.

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