Bodø Airport, Widerøe | Went out to fly at Bodø airport

Bodø Airport, Widerøe |  Went out to fly at Bodø airport

A tipster called Avisa Nordland just before 20:00 and told them that several emergency vehicles had arrived at Bodo Airport when a Widero flight had landed.

Moved out

Lars Halvoren, Operations Manager at the Police Operations Center, says police are on the scene.

– He says there was a message ten minutes ago that there might be smoke on a widerow plane that was going.

Emergency services attended the scene but found no smoke or any indication of damage to the aircraft.

– Other emergency services end up at the scene and the police will do some investigating.

30 passengers

Katharina Solli, a spokeswoman at Widerøe, says the flight from Bodø to Sandnessjøen is due to return.

– The plane was unable to get airborne before turning around. They announced a so-called “mayday” before landing, thus giving them priority landing over other aircraft. All went well. , says.

She doesn’t speak to the pilot, but says the passengers will get a briefing from the captain.

– Soon there will be an explanation with the passengers inside the terminal, where the captain explains what they did, so that the passengers also have a chance to ask questions.

There were 30 passengers on board and they exited the plane through normal exits.

Airport Manager at Bodø Airport, Troels Sandreid, issues the following statement:

– The airport receives a message from the commander immediately after departure about possible smoke and the decision to return. Ships are met by airport fire and rescue personnel as per procedure and landed as usual. Passengers were escorted from the plane to the gate for a briefing by the pilot and other crew members.

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