November 28, 2022


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Bodo / Glimt - Answers About War

Bodo / Glimt – Answers About War

Bodo / Glimt Russian-Israeli goalkeeper Nikita Heikin tells us the athlete About his views on the war in Ukraine.

He did so the day before Glimt met Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium in London. Heiken had never talked about war before, but he did participate in a demonstration in which he wore a T-shirt for peace.

– I’m not as brave as the others out there. The least I can do is express how I feel. Because whether I like it or not, I’m connected to this situation. I can’t close my eyes, as many people do, and not talk or worry about certain things, says Heiken.

– If I could, I would have done more. I’ve been stopped by people who might be smart. Most people know where I am, but that’s not enough. I think I have to do more, Heiken continues to play at The Athletic.

By the way, the goalkeeper met the press in London at Glimt’s press conference on Wednesday. There he was asked why he chose to talk about the war now.

– I chose not to speak publicly now. My message was clear from the start. Heiken replied, Nothing has changed,

In an interview with The Athletic, he did not comment on the Russian regime, but it is clear that he is against armed conflict.

– Let’s hope for a better future. Let’s hope for quieter times soon.

Heiken was born in Israel but moved to Russia at a young age.

In his youth he was brought to England and played youth football for Chelsea, Portsmouth and Reading. He has been in Bodo/Glimt since 2019. He also has age specific international matches for Russia.

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– I am happy to be part of the Glimt team. “It’s different for me to come to England now, I feel more like a tourist,” Hayken says of the London reunion.

Glimt has four points from two games before Thursday’s game away to Arsenal. Kjetil Knutsen believes the Premier League leaders are better than all the teams that Glimt has faced in the past year or so.

– It will be a very cool test to test ourselves against the highest level. I’m looking forward to it,” Glimt’s coach said at the press conference.