Body found in prison: – ‘insect-infested’ death chamber

Body found in prison: – ‘insect-infested’ death chamber

An American prisoner found dead covered in insects was placed in a “death chamber,” not a prison cell, the brother of the deceased said at a news conference outside the prison. He writes BBC.

On the 19th of September last year, 35-year-old LaShawn Thompson was found dead in a cell in the “Fulton County Jail” in Atlanta, USA. The family believes he must have spent time under inhumane conditions.

Now they are asking for an independent autopsy. Former NFL player and legend Colin Kaepernick agreed to fund it.

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Thompson was arrested, three months later, on a misdemeanor charge, and has been serving time in the prison’s psych ward.

According to the prison’s forensic record, Thompson was found unresponsive in his cell. After continuous attempts at resuscitation by health workers and the police, he was declared dead on the spot, the newspaper writes. USA Today.

No cause of death was given on the record, but the coroner reported that Thompson’s body was completely covered in bed bugs.

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Shocking pictures

On Thursday of this week, the family’s lawyers held a press conference outside the prison. There, one of the family’s assistant attorneys, Ben Crump, uploaded a photo of Thompson in which he had his eyes open surrounded by insects, according to the BBC.

– Thompson said that over 1,000 insect bites were found in his mouth, ears, nose, and all over his body.

Thompson’s brother said the images of his body covered in insects were “horrific”.

The attorney announces the lawsuit on behalf of the family.

Filing the lawsuit: Attorneys for the family have filed a lawsuit against the prison on behalf of the family.  Photo: Harper Law Firm

Filing the lawsuit: Attorneys for the family have filed a lawsuit against the prison on behalf of the family. Photo: Harper Law Firm
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Three prison officers have handed in their resignations

When his body was found, a prison officer refused to administer first aid because, according to her, she was shaking, Michael D. Harper, a family aid attorney, last week.

Harper said Thompson’s cell was covered in feces, bugs, and other creatures when he was found dead.

In the prison record, prison staff seem to have noted that Thompson’s health was steadily declining, but nothing was done to help him.

Three prison officers have resigned as a result of an ongoing internal investigation.

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under investigation

Fulton County Jail will receive approximately $5.4 million (57 million kroner) for upgrades. The prison is said to have already received $500,000 (5.29 million kroner) for investigating an infestation of bed bugs, lice and other pests.

Fulton County Sheriff Patrick LaBate confirmed at Thursday’s news conference that the death is still under investigation by police.

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