Body language expert on Duchess Meghan: – I took it seriously

Body language expert on Duchess Meghan: – I took it seriously

It has long been known that brothers Prince William (40) and Prince Harry (38) are not on good terms.

Harry and his wife, Duchess Meghan, 41, in recent years have made a number of revelations about the British royal family – which we can safely assume haven’t made their relationship any better.

- You will regret it forever

– You will regret it forever

According to sources, the British princes have not spoken to each other since the publication of the revealing book Spear, but the spats began long before that — as far back as before Harry met Meghan, he writes. Mirror.

Body language expert Jodi James believes the Duchess soon noticed that the problems between her husband and son-in-law were of a serious nature.

tense: Body language expert Grete Holtan closely followed and analyzed several guests during Queen Elizabeth’s funeral. She made several remarks to Duchess Meghan. Reporter: Maja Wahlberg-Cliff.
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The expert believes Meghan’s manner, during an event the couple attended with William and Kate, early in the relationship, was too revealing.

There is a moment in the event when the couple is asked if there have been any disagreements between them, and the answer is spontaneous, awkward body language, suggesting there is resolve already there — and the conflict is behind the quiet smiles, says James.

The image has been removed

The image has been removed

Moreover, she explained that Megan’s reaction stood out from the crowd.

– While William, Kate and Harry were making faces, while remaining calm and visible to the camera, Meghan’s reaction was even stronger. She bent her head so high that her hair hid her face.

While the others laughed, Megan acted in a way the expert believes felt dangerous.

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– It was as if she was trying to hide her feelings, James concludes.

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