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Fra teaterforestillingen «Koke bjørn».

It reminds us a bit Detective class Friday on NRK. During one episode, a famous and eccentric detective (Sherlock Holmes, Poirot, and Derek) manages to solve gruesome murder mysteries wrapped up in something very exciting and totally safe.

Suspicious behavior: One of the suspects is the painter Nils Gustaf (Paul Otter Haga, right). Læstadius (Nils Henrik Buljo) allows himself to be photographed multiple times to see if he is the culprit.

Photo: Michal enamel wires

Aura Boil Bear

The theatrical version of “The Boiling Bear” gives a little of the same feeling. Then the Sami National Theatre Biyavash To celebrate its 40th anniversary in 2020, they put Mikael Niemi’s novel on the label.

Corona’s twisting tracks led to delays and short playing time, but it also meant the performance was carried outdoors, which may have dressed well as “Koke bjørn”. During the Hedda Days, a festival for the Norwegian theater industry, the new premiere was shown indoors at the Norwegian Theater in Oslo. The review is based on this performance.

Michael Nimes A rich and multifaceted novel Effectively directed by Leif Stinnerbom, who is behind both the drama and the directing.

He allowed the pious rector Læstadius to be a sort of Poirot or Sherlock Holmes, a man of the upper class with open senses.

Niemi allowed Læstadius, who is perhaps better known as the father of Læstadianism, to be a warm and understanding fellow human being who sees the complexity of the people he meets. In this way he also becomes a good solver of murder mysteries.

The reading stage of the “Bloating Bear” show in front of the seated listeners.

Knowledge: Lars Levy Lastadeus is best known as the father of Lastadius. In Mikael Niemi’s novel, he becomes a clever detective who uses all his knowledge of botany and the human mind to solve murder mysteries. At the same time he strongly warned about the effects of alcohol. Nils Henrik Bulgo as Læstadius. The devotees consist of Left Igil Kisquetalu, Igor Ántte Áilu Gaup, Marie Sarre, Anitta Suikkari, Marte Fjellheim Sarre.

Photo: Aslak Michal Mina

drift wick

Although the story is short and succinct in this theatrical version, Stinnerbom gave plenty of room to music.

Roger Ludvigsen’s vocal compositions lie as a rhythmic basis for driving and create momentum and rhythm as the murders increase.

The show is a type of musical theater where ywek features prominently. And it works very well. Joikkomponist Igor Ántte ila Gaup Thus it places the story safely in a Sami environment.

Dance performance of

A hit fist: The “Bloating Bear” performance features plenty of choreography and narrative dance, and it works well, our critic believes. From left: Marte Fjellheim Sarre, Iŋgor Ántte Áilu Gaup and Emil Kárlsen

Photo: Aslak Michal Mina

As boy Sami Josie, the right hand of Læstadius Biyavash I got with the artist Emil Carlsen. It’s also an exciting choice, not least in terms of recruiting young actors for the Sami National Theatre.

With yoik as a recurring theme and a scenography with obvious allusions to bear claws, promises Biyavash Boy Sami Gossi emerges from the dark corner he was sitting in when the novel begins.

In the play, he is a friend of Læstadius, almost a fellow investigation. In the novel, Jussi is the narrator while Læstadius should be considered the main character. He is also in theatrical performance, but Josie is clearly present and undergoes the same supported development as in Niemi’s novel.

Although he is occasionally among the suspects where the maids are found murdered, he stands faithfully by Provost Læstadius. The Dean believes in him.

From the performance of

Protein: Josie is viewed with contempt by many, but Læstadius took him under his wing and gave him the opportunity to run his life. Emil Carlsen (back to left) as Josie, Nils Henrik Polgo as Læstadius.

Photo: Aslak Michal Mina

fun crime

But the 80-minute performance is still too rare to cover much more than the event itself. The person who turns out to be the culprit is introduced relatively late in the performance, and there is also no time for the community to confront the horrors of the murders that occur.

It’s going to be like a fun moment with Detektimen: you don’t get an omelette without crushing some eggs. The tension in the illustration cannot be felt, specifically.

The priest is accurate, but also extraordinarily accurate in all of his predictions, and the Sheriff Comics does just the opposite.

All grades worked at a greater depth – but at the same time it’s nice to see Nils Henrik Bulgo as Læstadius. The president of the university is depicted with a warm, kind and wise game. Although most of the actors were on stage during most of the performance, the choreography and choreography contribute to smooth transitions, he is not very experienced Full of on the stage.

Perhaps this performance was an adventure to experience under the sky of Finnmark.

Dance performance of

Great Dance: Marti Wilhelm Sarri as Maria, chosen by Joses. The loving Yuek and her dance tell the story of the relationship between the two very well.

Photo: Aslak Michal Mina

“The Boiling Bear” is a detective lesson that resembles music with a sublime touch. A beautiful and fun show that deserved more time to play – but also a longer piece with more character development and story prowess.

Nevertheless, it is entertaining – and bodes well for the future of the Sami National Theatre.

Biyavash During recent performances, it has proven to be a dynamic theater that is constantly evolving.


I am a theater researcher and reviewer of theater, performing arts and dance at NRK as a freelance journalist. Also read my review of «warm milk with honeyShe played in Salt in Oslo this summer.

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