Boko Haram abducted: The woman was released after seven years

Kidnapped by Boko Haram
The woman was released after seven years

When the terrorist organization Boko Haram attacked a school in Nigeria in 2014 and abducted 276 girls, it caused fear around the world. More than 100 of them are still missing. One of them is now returning to his parents.

A woman was released seven years later from Sibok, a Nigerian city kidnapped by Boko Haram militants in 2014 and reunited with her parents. Borno State Governor Babagana Julam said on Saturday that the girl and a man who had been married since she was captured had surrendered to the army ten days ago. It took a while to find the parents.

Islamist Boko Haram militants abducted a girl and her more than 200 classmates in an attack on a school in April 2014. The kidnappings provoked international condemnation and a campaign on social media with the hashtag #bringbackourgirls. At first about 270 girls were abducted by the Islamic group, but in 2017 82 were released after negotiations, and some escaped or were rescued.

113 girls are said to be continuously captured by the militant group. Governor Zool said reuniting the girl with her relatives raises hopes that she will find other female students who are still trapped. The woman will now receive psychological and medical care.

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