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What does he actually do? Ask people here in Brazil. They mean Jair Bolsonaro, the country’s president. Since losing the election on Oct. 30, the once outspoken politician has practically disappeared from the public eye.

After the election, it took him two days before he commented on the defeat, and three weeks before he resumed his work in the presidential palace.

When he missed one of his official missions, meeting new ambassadors to receive their credentials, the vice president, Hamilton Mourao, stood up. He had the following explanation for the president’s absence:

Jair Bolsonaro has not been seen much since his defeat in the presidential elections.

Photo: Adriano Machado/Reuters

– He got injured in his leg, he can’t wear pants. The vice president said he couldn’t meet ambassadors in just his underwear.

“do almost nothing”

Now it is perfectly normal for the outgoing boss to take up less space in the news, and for the interest to be attached to the person who will take over. In this case, the leftist leader Lula da Silva.

But Bolsonaro’s absence and silence is remarkable, and is regularly commented on in the media:

Bolsonaro does almost nothing. Read a headline in a major newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo A few weeks after the election. And the paper presented the president’s official program, which was very tender.


A Bolsonaro supporter demonstrates against the outcome of the October 30 presidential election

Photo: Sergio Lima/AFP

But it’s not just the critics who have reacted to Bolsonaro’s absence: His supporters have taken massive action, and hope that “the Captain,” as they call him, will stand at the helm of the protest over the election results.

«Will something happen soon?»?

Many of them sat in front of demonstrations across the country, calling for the army to take power. But the protesters’ patience is wearing thin now, if the comments are to be believed Social media:

– Captain, you have now spent 25 days in front of the camp. I am starving and freezing, but I am a patriot and I want to save the country from communism. Is something going to happen soon? someone asks.

Another writes on Twitter: – I’ve been on standby for a month here at camp, and I’m still waiting for your order. I’m up for the effort. For God’s sake, chief, give us a verse!

And of course Bolsonaro’s opponents couldn’t help themselves from making snide comments:

«I removed you»

Someone posted a picture of the president along with one of his most famous and infamous quotes:

Only God can remove me from the presidency.

"God and Bolsonaro" - from Twitter
Photo: Twitter

Then comes the image that should represent God – and the text: “I have removed you.”

But Bolsonaro shows no desire to do like his great role model Donald Trump – to incite his followers to launch direct attacks against the country’s democratic institutions.

He admitted that he failed to concede his defeat in the elections. He claims something went wrong with the voting machines on election day – which cost him and his party a huge fine.

But he agreed to the process of transitioning to the next government, and the work is long overdue.

«The army is ready for civil war»

Can we now be sure that there will be a peaceful seizure of power on the first day of the new year? The vast majority here in Brazil think so, although everyone feels completely safe.

Bolsonaro supporters’ websites are still boiling, with threats that “something is going to happen”.


She flirted with Chief Lula when he was in prison. After the change of power, Bolsonaro himself may end up behind bars.

Photo: Adriano Machado/Reuters

One of them is “Direct Brazil” – Right side in Brazil – where the signature Silva Bueno states that “the army is ready for civil war”.

He is believed to know that Bolsonaro received the most votes in northeastern Brazil – Lula da Silva’s strongest stronghold. We learn that “the nuclear family, the unborn life, and the traditional values ​​of Western civilization,” are the issues at the heart of the site.

Abba-Agnetha and Bolso

Some of the activities on Bolsonaro supporters’ websites have great entertainment value. Like post there ABBA singer Agnetha Fältskog has become a staunch supporter of the President of Brazil.

In a video showing ABBA-Agnetha in Frederick Scafland’s studio, the interpreter takes liberties, to say the least. As Agnetha talks about life as an artist and mother of two, the following text runs across the screen:

ABBA-Agnetha and Bolsonaro
Photo: Twitter

«It is strange what is happening to Bolsonaro – that such a popular president will not be re-elected.

We see clear signs of fraud in the Brazilian electoral system. This is really a disgrace to democracy,” the script reads, while poor Agnetha is introduced as “famous judge Anna Essie.”

Everyone who came up with this idea at least has a fertile imagination.

– It can only disappear from the back door

The big question preceding the change of president on January 1 is whether Jair Bolsonaro will be present during the ceremony and hand over the presidential banner to his successor, Lula da Silva.

Many people doubt this will happen, and when I interviewed Lola earlier this year, I asked him this:

NRK meets Lola

NRK met Lula da Silva in São Paulo earlier this year.

Photo: Studio PT

– I think it’s his duty. But of course he can refuse. Perhaps something like this happened only once in Brazilian history.

– For me, there is no problem. For my part, the next President of Brazil said in an interview with NRK that he can only disappear through the back door.

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