Bonanza warns against infection: – May increase risk

Bonanza warns against infection: – May increase risk

Although Christmas brings sociability to many people, most of us come into contact with more people during a normal work week than during the non-Christmas holidays, says Espen Rostrup Nakstad, assistant director of the health directorate.

– During epidemics, we found that the infection pressure did not change significantly at Christmas, so we do not believe that Christmas gatherings contribute to more severe diseases. But lower vaccination rates this fall may still contribute some to hospitalizations over Christmas and winter.

Because, as of December 10, only 51 percent of people aged 65 and older — the group prescribed a booster dose of the corona vaccine — took it.

For influenza virus, it was 62 percent.

Fewer Vaccinations:- The reason why fewer people were vaccinated this year is because many people may have done it last year and feel that the vaccine is no longer necessary. Assistant director of health Espen Rostrup Nackstad says many people may have waited a little longer because of recent infections. Photo: Shot Madian / Dogbladet
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Many are in hospital

Nuckstad believes that fewer people getting vaccinated may be because population immunity has become stronger, so that many people are less susceptible to severe disease than before.

– It may be perfect for younger people, but immunity declines faster in older people and vaccination is even more important if you want to be optimally protected.

- will demand

– will demand

In December, about 700 people were hospitalized with the coronavirus a week, but the number for the flu virus was around 200. However, very few of them require treatment in the intensive care unit, which reduces the burden somewhat.

– The main challenge is that sickness absence among staff in hospitals and municipal health institutions may increase in the coming weeks.

Here comes winter: Assistant Director of Health Espen Rostrup Nakstad explains the connection between colds and disease.
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– Other health complaints

Nuckstad points out that because of the absence of disease, it is important to control the spread of infection.

He says there’s no benefit to taking the body several times a year for Covid-19 or other viral infections.

Meteorologist on White Christmas: - Still hopeful

Meteorologist on White Christmas: – Still hopeful

– No need to maintain good immunity. Conversely, repeated infections can increase your risk of other health problems, increasing the likelihood of late effects in the form of “long Covid” each time you contract the virus.

People who don’t get a booster dose are protected by previous vaccinations and immunity, Nackstad says. But those most at risk may benefit from a booster dose to boost their immune system.

FHI was worried about high waves of infection

FHI was worried about high waves of infection

– Important

Vaccinations primarily protect against serious diseases, and not against infection, and Nakstad believes that the outbreak at Christmas will not be affected by vaccination statistics.

– But it is certainly important for the individual and the health service, as few people get seriously ill as possible from flu and Covid-19, so the vaccine is recommended for the oldest and most vulnerable.

– How should people deal with an uncle or grandmother who was not vaccinated this year?

– The general Christmas advice is to stay home if you get sick, whether it’s flu or Covid-19. Then all family members are protected regardless of their immunity.

Corona: FHI says winter’s corona wave is in full swing. Assistant Director of Health Espen Rostrup answers questions from Nuckstad Talkblade TV.
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– Difficult to estimate

– If you have a sore throat, do you think everyone will be home without a Christmas party or Christmas Eve this year?

– Most people with the flu or Covid-19 don’t particularly enjoy the Christmas party, but this can be difficult to assess early in the course of the illness. However, our advice is to stay at home when you are sick and to be wary of the elderly and particularly vulnerable people if you wake up with a sore throat, cough and sneezing.

Nuckstad also believes that people with weakened immune systems should be extra cautious in large gatherings indoors.

– Now, fortunately, there is also pill treatment for the most vulnerable, which can be prescribed by a GP if you are infected with Covid-19. There are effective anti-influenza pills available which are recommended by GPs.

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