Boris can be expelled – VG

Boris can be expelled - VG

In Trouble: – Boris Johnson didn’t become pro-Brexit until he realized it was the only issue that could take him to Downing Street, VG commentator wrote.

The Conservative Party ousted Boris Johnson as prime minister. Now the same forces can kick him out of Parliament – forever.


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As many – but not all, at least not in the Norwegian commentary sections – realized, a large majority in the British ruling party demanded that Boris Johnson resign.

It was not the opposition parties, not the Labor Party, nor the bloodstained journalists of BBC, NRK, VG, DN, Aftenposten or any of the other communist media to the left of reality that brought down Boris. He managed it on his own.

She was eventually influenced by the government he led himself.

When BoJo is now in danger of being expelled from the House of Commons and, in the extreme case, can hold a by-election in his constituency – as is According to opinion polls He will lose – in this case it will be on the recommendation of a parliamentary committee with a conservative majority.

so called General Privileges Select Committeewhich can be compared to Parliament’s Audit and Constitution Committee, is chaired by labor veteran Harriet Harman, but, in keeping with the composition of the House of Commons, has a pure majority of Conservatives.

The Commission must provide an answer to the following question: Is Boris Johnson led the House of Commons In relation to Party Gate – the illegal parties in the Prime Minister’s residence during the Corona lockdown?

Is he falling into the Labour’s trap?: Keir Starmer accused of setting a legal trap for Boris.

This is of course more policy than law, but there are legal subtleties that could lock up Boris. Right there, the Labor Party bears a responsibility from which it cannot escape.

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for Authorization wording It was coined by Sir Keir Starmer, the English attorney general turned Labor leader, and “one of the smartest legal minds”, according to the conservative Telegraph.

Now he is being criticized for setting a trap for Boris.

At the same time it must conservative Put up with more yelling, right, because you didn’t realize they had been tricked. The opposition, for its part, states that the proposal was adopted by the House of Commons without objections.

At the heart of the dispute are the terms “knowingly” and “knowingly” – which have been omitted from the commission’s mandate. Had the words been there, the members of the committee would have found that it had been established beyond a reasonable doubt that Boris Johnson had “intentionally” lied when he denied knowing the parties in Downing Street, and that he had “deliberately” tried to mislead Parliament.

Now the commission does not need to find evidence that Boris deliberately misled Parliament, but Parliament was misleading.

Something Boris Johnson has already admitted.

But this happened without his knowledge. Because, as he himself said, he was told by his colleagues that the gatherings in Downing Street where there was drinking and dancing were not “parties” but “business meetings”.

He has since admitted that this does not entail a fine, and agreed to a fine for violating the Covid laws introduced by his government.

So if the committee’s conclusion is that the Prime Minister falsely answered On specific questions in Parliament about his participation in these ceremonies, there is a violation of Ethical Regulations for Ministers It can be covered by what is called “contempt for the House of Commons”.

The normal penalties for breaching Parliament’s driving rules are expulsion for one or more days. The higher the crime, the more serious the intent, the longer the deportation period. that it Not common, but not unusual eitherthat an ordinary member of the House of Commons – the so-called springs Those who break the regulations are sent home for up to 30 days to be ashamed.

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When the person in question returns, the punishment is considered to have been carried out and the sin is forgiven. So the mutual openness across party lines is great.

If the commission finds it highly probable that the Prime Minister has shown contempt for the House of Commons, but finds that his liar has had no greater consequences for the nation than the hardships he has caused himself, he can avoid deportation for ten-10 days.

Ten days is relatively moderate. At the same time, it is an acceptable “punishment” for both supporters and opponents of one’s own party, as well as for the opposition. But since we’re talking about Boris Johnson, there’s – not unexpectedly – something more underneath.

Anyone who carefully reads the United Kingdom’s unwritten constitution, constitutional clauses, electoral laws and usages will know that ten days is also the maximum before a new election is held in the constituency from which the repatriated Parliamentarian was elected.

The occasion is rarely used, and has not been used since the Unitarian in Northern Ireland Ian Paisley has been fired To allow the Sri Lankan government to pay two family leave.

Like I said, whichever Mr. You want can have 30 days of house arrest for breaking strict lobbying rules without requiring anyone to hold a new by-election. In this case, however, mobilization in Johnson’s constituency, Uxbridge/South Ruislip on London’s western edge, is in full swing.

If ten percent of registered voters in a constituency sign a specific request, Boris Johnson must start a campaign for himself to retain the seat.

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According to the latest opinion polls, he would not have succeeded if elections had been held today.

Two weeks ago, it became known that Pogo’s Conservative Party supporters had thought anyway about moving him and his candidacy to a safer constituency before the next general election.

Culture Minister Nadine Doris, one of his closest allies, is said to be open to giving Boris her safe mandate in the Tory stronghold. Bedfordshire.

The question is probably whether Boris Johnson is very interested in several rounds. He achieved what he wanted, which was to become prime minister, and the three years in Downing Street showed that the ambitions behind it were largely evident in their absence.

Boris came to Westminster with an unprecedented ruling majority, the largest in his life, but he did not know what to use it for.

He could get through what he wanted, if he had a clear policy – but instead argued so much with his party and offended his electors, that he would go down in history as one of the most failed prime ministers.

According to a poll published by the Conservative newspaper Sunday timesBoris Johnson is “the worst prime minister since Margaret Thatcher”, and even more unpopular with the public than she has ever been.

Boris Johnson did not become pro-Brexit until he realized it was the only issue that could take him to Downing Street.

It’s not his fault Britain has been hit hard by the coronavirus, energy crisis and rising cost of living, but the negative results of Brexit – which turned out to be very different from what Boris promised voters – have fueled the economic downturn.

Pogo still has important supporters in the Conservative Party, and in the conservative base outside the big cities he also has many voters who would like him to return to the top spot. 10.

However, whether he would, in this case, bother to wear the back benches in the House of Commons in the coming years is questionable.

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