Boris is speeding up the stimulant for everyone – in Norway the plan before Easter is VG

Boris is speeding up the stimulant for everyone – in Norway the plan before Easter is VG
KORONGOL: Prime Minister Boris Johnson applauds for the Christmas choir that sang outside 10 Downing Street on Wednesday. In an effort to save Christmas, the British Prime Minister is taking vaccine measures.

The UK Prime Minister is promising Christmas and an increase in booster vaccination as a measure against omicrons in the UK.


Everyone over the age of 18 is now allowed to receive a booster dose during January, because they believe it will help prevent the spread of Omicron.

Additionally, they reduced the time between doses from six to three months.

– Vaccine centers will appear like Christmas trees, Boris Johnson said on Wednesday.

In Norway, you still have to wait five or six months to get a booster dose.

In order to obtain the most effective vaccine from the booster doses, the state brought in both the army and a number of volunteers.

There are still about 300-400,000 elderly people waiting for a booster dose in Norway. Today the government has brought its own advice to those who are waiting, as they should, among other things, limit the number of close contacts.

A supporter can help

The advice to reduce the time between doses comes on the advice of British health authorities. In a report on Omicron, they wrote that a booster dose could increase the level of the antibody enough to provide better protection against the omicron variant.

– It will take some time to get more data about the omicron variable. The report notes that waiting for this information before we take action risks an unfavorable and delayed response.

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The efficacy of vaccines against the omicron variant is uncertain. FHI says more time should pass Before it is assessed whether vaccines are still effective When it comes to
Prevent the development of a serious disease.

Støre: You will get a booster by Easter

In Norway, the time between the second and third dose is five months for those aged over 65 and six months for those aged 45 to 64.

Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store (Labour) said: Earlier in the week They plan for everyone over the age of 18 to be served at Easter. In addition, the government sets the vaccination rate for those over 65, and requires municipalities to start immediately with those over 45.

GOVERNMENT: Health Minister Ingfeld Kirkul and Jonas Gahr Store (both from the Labor Party) at Tuesday’s press conference as they announced plans for a booster vaccination for all before Easter.

For each of the Government And health authorities Vaccine is believed to be the most important measure against the omicron variant.

In the FHI’s recommendation to the government ahead of Thursday’s press conference, they wrote that “it is critical to the further development of the epidemic that vaccination be done as quickly as possible for the groups for which a re-dose is recommended.”

NIPH: Consider reducing the time between doses

However, a booster dose can help. FHI agrees with the UK and Immunologist Ann Spurkland, a booster dose would likely amplify the effect of vaccines against the new variant as well.

When asked by Family Health International why Norway doesn’t do as the UK does and get a booster for everyone, Vaccines Director Geir Buchholm replied that they wanted to make it easier for people over 18 to get a shot of the vaccine quickly.

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Unconfirmed infection status with increased incidence of the delta variant and simultaneous introduction of the omicron variant, will be important elements of evaluations to be made in the future, he wrote in an email to VG.

These assessments revolve around the benefits and risks for those over the age of 18, that there are enough vaccines, that vaccination capacity and that the distribution system is good enough.

NIPH is thinking now To shorten the time that has to pass between the second and third dose, as it will allow more people to get it faster.

– At the same time, it is important that the interval be such that we get the best possible effect from this refreshing dose. This applies to both the immediate effect of the refreshing dose and the duration of the effect of that dose. The risk of possible side effects is also important in evaluating the dosage range. We are now conducting this evaluation.

Government: You will listen to the advice of the International Family Health Organization

The Prime Minister’s State Secretary Til Gordbacke told VG that they are constantly studying this question:

Otherwise, the situation is monitored on an ongoing basis, so that measures can be raised or lowered on the advice of the health authorities. If there is advice to reduce the interval between the second and third dose, we will look into it, of course, you write in an email.

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