Boris Johnson escapes no-confidence vote:

Boris Johnson escapes no-confidence vote:
Fat Hour: Boris Johnson just hours before the vote.

Boris Johnson saved the day with a cry of grief: he sits as party leader and British prime minister after a secret ballot behind closed doors.


Of the Conservative Party’s 359 MPs, 148 voted no-confidence in the party’s leader tonight. 211 The majority stands behind him, which was anticipated.

According to party tradition, the leader will be protected from a new no-confidence vote for one year.

– John Eric Mustadt, a senior lecturer in British studies at the University of Acts, tells Vijay that distrust of him was greater than expected.

He believes Johnson has no reason to be happy with the vote: 59 per cent of party members support him and 41 per cent want a change of leadership.

– Books he wrote

– Such votes are historically largely the beginning of the end for the incumbent prime minister and party leader. It is sticking with him. Let’s see what happens in the next few weeks, says Mustafa.

Johnson describes the outcome of the vote as “firm and decisive.”

In his first remarks after the referendum, Boris Johnson says the Conservatives must now rally as a party – and give up what the media cares about.

– Now we can focus on what we do to help people. This gives us the opportunity to continue to strengthen the economy, said the British Prime Minister Reuters.

Criticized as a “partygate”

Johnson’s criticisms have been leveled at him after the “Partygate” scandal – the highest political level in the community, while Britain was shut down during the Corona epidemic.

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The dramatic vote in Committee Room 14 in the House of Commons resulted in more than 54 of his party colleagues requesting a no-confidence vote in writing.

Graham Brady, chairman of the party’s 1922 committee, announced Monday morning that the required number of members in the parliamentary committee had supported the demand for a change of leadership.

Brady announced the results of the vote at 10pm on Monday.

Fat Time: Boris Johnson (left) leaves the House of Commons in a car after his own vote.

148 people voted against the party leader and 211 against.

That is, a greater section of the party’s elected representatives voted to overthrow Johnson in 2018 than they did during the no-confidence motion against Johnson’s predecessor Theresa May. Then 37 percent will fire him.

In a letter to his party colleagues on Monday, Johnson acknowledged that “some” criticism of him in recent months was “justified,” but not all.

– Will win again

He also learned to listen and made big changes.

During an internal meeting with party colleagues in Westminster before the vote, Johnson recalled the party’s biggest electoral victory in 40 years under his leadership.

The Conservative Party won a majority of 80 seats in the 2019 landslide.

– The party leader promised to win for you again BBC.

According to Sky News Johnson impressed Conservative MPs with “what an incredible force it can be when we stand together.”

Conservative site Conservative house It was previously estimated that 157 Conservative MPs had publicly supported Johnson.

Get Down: A poster outside the British Parliament demands Johnson’s resignation.

Attached under the corona

“Partygate” scandal Has been rolling around in the UK for months. This criticism has come from ordinary people, from the opposition and from their own party.

These are the parties and meetings held by members of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister Boris Johnson during the epidemics in 2020 and 2021.

London police are investigating 12 rallies at the Prime Minister’s House on Downing Street and at Whitehall Government Quarter, including at least three rallies attended by Johnson.

A total of 83 people were fined for violating the Govt-19 rules, including the Prime Minister and his wife Gary Johnson and Finance Minister Rishi Sunak.

Here are photos showing Boris Johnson at a party on Downing Street on November 13, 2020:

1 / 8

Bowl: The Sue Grace report contains nine photos of Boris Johnson raising the glass with colleagues.

Violated the laws of the country

On May 25, top bureaucrat Sue Gray gave a detailed report on the political elite. SociabilityThis happened when Britain closed during the epidemics.

Those who rule the country, including the Prime Minister, Gray clearly decided. They had violated the laws they had enacted.

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Johnson’s temporary apology was not enough for many of his party colleagues. Before experts Some of them are described as pathetic.

The Prime Minister initially refused to learn about the parties in the General Assembly and said he thought it was a normal working meeting that did not violate the epidemic control rules.

Survives – temporarily

Viji’s political commentator Yngve Kvistad mentions No Conservative party leader has actually made the no-confidence motion a success.

Survival is only temporary.

Johnson’s predecessor Theresa May had to undergo a similar procedure in May 2018. He received 63 percent support. But seven months later he left the dance.

The percentage of those who voted no-confidence in Johnson was higher than those who wanted to throw in May.

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