Born on an evacuation plane – 10,000 meters above the ground – VG

Born on an evacuation plane - 10,000 meters above the ground - VG

Britain’s latest evacuation flight has flown a newborn baby to Birmingham.


Afghan Suman Noori, 26, was born, on Saturday evening, on the plane on its way from Dubai to the British city of Birmingham, after she and her family were evacuated from Afghanistan. Reported that the Turkish airline, Turkish Airlines, according to BBC.

After the Taliban took power in the country on August 15, many Afghan citizens tried to flee the country in fear.

Nouri fled with her husband, Taj Muhammad Hamat, 30, and their two other children.

14,543 Afghans have already been evacuated by British authorities from Kabul, according to the BBC. British Defense also reported that the last British evacuation plane left Kabul on Saturday afternoon.

Born without medical care

The Afghan woman had to give birth 10,000 meters above the ground with the help of the cabin crew, since there were no doctors on board.

The airline stated that both mother and daughter are fine. The BBC wrote that the little girl was given the name Hava.

The Assistant Director of Images for Britain’s Daily Mirror shared a photo of the Turkish Airlines cabin crew and the newborn baby on Twitter:

Not the first

VG has already written about it Another Afghan woman who gave birth to a girl on her way from Kabul. She gave birth on a US evacuation flight to Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany on August 22.

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The US Air Force participated in the accident Twitter. She gave birth in the hold of the plane and was greeted by medical staff when it landed.

After the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan, Germany took in more than 4,000 Afghan refugees, German newspaper Tageschau reports.

I also got a girl: The Afghan woman gave birth to a baby girl in the hold of a C-17 on the way to Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany.

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