– Boys don’t cry – V.G

- Boys don't cry - V.G

Nils Harald Moe (75) never told about his childhood before participating in a reality show: – I am from an old farm. If you have problems, don’t want to ruin it for others.

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– It was a bit special. I’m not a crybaby. In Monday’s episode of “Norges Spregeste,” fitness hero Nils Harald Moe says that boys don’t cry.

In the reality show, a group of ten pensioners compete to be the fittest – among them Matches that throw each other to the groundIt can also become emotional.

In Monday’s episode of Norway’s Fittest on TV2 That’s because all the participants open up about their own upbringings — which ends in Moe’s tears.

– Mo tells Viji that I’ve never been in a situation or with other people where people open up about what they’ve done.

Open on TV: Monday’s episode of “Norges Spregeste” sees Mo begin to cry as he talks about his upbringing.

– There was a special atmosphere around the table. Everyone talks about their upbringing and I had a completely different upbringing from others.

Moe lost his father when he was 11 and his mother died when he was 20.

– The economy wasn’t great when I was young. When I went to the cinema I collected bottles and sold them to junk dealers.

Mo describes growing up as difficult. When he was 15, he went to sea to earn money. When he turned 18, he felt the need to grow up with others his age.

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– I have always said that I should have written a book since I grew up, and then there will be a lot to take.

Fitness Executive: Nils Harald Mo Hans started fitness just five years ago. Her motivation to join “Norway’s Fittest” is to inspire other older people to exercise.

– Never behaved like this

It was during the recording of the show that he realized how his upbringing had shaped him throughout his life.

– I did not know that I went to carry such a bag. It’s not something I’ve talked about before. I’ve never reacted like that, and I don’t usually cry. I’ve thought about this a lot in retrospect, but I don’t know why that is.

– You mean “boys don’t cry” in the episode?

– Yes, I am from the old farm. If you have problems, you don’t want to spoil it for others or bother others with your own problems. In my generation, they pack it.

– It may be easier to talk to boys today. That’s good too.

Get support: When Mo got emotional in the episode, Morton Christiansen, 71, got up from his chair to give him a hug.

– Better get it out

He believes there are many people his own age in similar situations, and he thinks it’s better for men today to be open about their feelings.

– What do you think it will be like to watch it on TV?

– It will be strange, but we can tolerate it. I am excited to see how family and loved ones will react. I didn’t even know I could react like that. It is an invention.

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He describes the whole thing as a pleasant experience.

– It was nice to get it out there and talk about it.

“Reality Bubble”

When Mo breaks down in the episode, cross-country skier Morten Christiansen (71) rises from his chair to hug him. Running queen Marion Stenbuck (77) says it’s good for men to show emotion too.

– We were a good team, a great team. We hadn’t been there for days before we opened up to each other.

“Norway’s best”: Ten pensioners settle in a holiday colony in Filtvet, southeast of Hürmlandet in Oskar, to compete to become Norway’s best.

– Did you end up in a “reality bubble”?

– What?

– “Reality Bubble”.

– I don’t know what it is, he laughs.

– Participants in reality shows often talk about ending up in a “bubble” with other participants during recording.

– It’s a great team and it’s a very positive thing. But I don’t know if it’s a “bubble,” and he says:

– You see, I only watch a show like “The Farm” and other popular shows, so I don’t know much about such things.

Moe says she has been well-received since participating in the reality competition, which is shown on TV 2 these days.

– What’s a bit funny is that there are actually a lot of young people who say it’s fun to follow. I wonder if they relate it to their own parents and grandparents.

– I’m incredibly glad I got involved.

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