June 6, 2023


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Bran was relegated to the second division after the penalty kick drama - Wolverine for the Elite Series!  - VG

Bran was relegated to the second division after the penalty kick drama – Wolverine for the Elite Series! – VG

VALLE (VG) (Brann – Jerv 4-4 eeo, 11-12 after penalties) It’s incredible and was impossible to see, but in the mist at the Intility Arena little Jerv got a nice upgrade to the Elite Series.


“For me it’s the biggest feeling of the 2000s,” says Discovery + expert Joachim Johnson after the match.

Branns Bård Finne, who missed a penalty in the first half, summed it up as follows:

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– Completely crushed. We fought enough to get that qualifying spot. Losing such a fight hurts like hell. Especially the way it happens. It’s a little hard to analyze, Bård Finne tells Discovery+, but it’s shocking that we’re not the winning team.

Jerv’s great champion was Øystein Øvretveit. The goalkeeper saved two penalties in the original time and saved the kicks of Fajiba Sakur and Robert Taylor on penalties. When Shaibu Ibrahim put in the decisive penalty, it was clear: Gerf is ready to play in the elite series for the first time in the club’s history, and the first club from the former Ust worthy to play at the top level since the top division was merged into a single division in 1963.

– That was fun then. This was a lot of fun, Øvretveit tells Discovery+.

After the season we had this year, he is well deserved. What a way to crown this one, says the goalkeeper.

While Gerf celebrated with fans on one side of the stadium, Bran fans sang Nystemten in front of the players after the match. Also in 2014, Bran relegated after qualifying. Then it was Asfretveit who was the one who scored against Bran in the qualifying matches against Mjondalen.

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– It’s a wild spin. We go 3-1, then it becomes 3-3. Then we go 4-3, but then we win with a penalty. It’s downright cruel, says Jon Olaf Norheim, the only one of Gerf’s players to miss a penalty shootout.

Bergen-based Arne Sandstow is Gerf’s coach.

– We had hog luck for 90 minutes, but then we got some momentum too. Then what happens. It’s totally unique, Sandstø tells Discovery+.

Good: Øystein Øvretveit became the biggest player in the match.

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After 1-1, a dozen of Bran’s chances were missed, nearly as many saves as Austin Overfitt in original time, including two on Brann on each of the penalty kicks, the elite series qualifying final needed additional innings and rival kicks. Punishment to be determined.

And where we thought we had seen the most exciting qualifiers in Norwegian football before, this surpassed what we thought was true.

Just two minutes into the first overtime period, Bran substitute Ranar Hof-Gerf, striker Shwebo Ibrahim, put on the shirt. Svein Oddvar Moen got the red card, Hove finished, and Brann’s life at Eliteserien looked the same.

For Diego Campos, neither Bird Finn nor Matthias Rasmussen managed to succeed in regular time: scoring on penalties. With good help on the back ball from goalkeeper Austin Overitveit, he also ran 3-1, but Bran climbed out of the dying realm in record time with the help of Eric Hornland’s substitutes:

First, Kasper Skanez headed home in Monga Simba’s goal, then Fajiba Sakor scored a 3-3 equalizer – and the teams were ready to breathe again. They never made it. Wolverine rushed to attack and suddenly put Shaibu Ibrahim fourth behind Lennart Grill – and Bran pressed the panic button for the ninth time this season.

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It worked. Army captain Seifert Helt Nielsen did what he’s good at on the football field – he argue In a 4-4 draw seconds before the end of the season, he secured an extension to the Norwegian football season until a little closer to Christmas when he fixed a penalty shootout.

Sakur (Overfit saved) and John Olaf Norheim (above) missed each other, and in the ninth penalty kick came the decision. Robert Taylor missed – as he did at this year’s Elite Series – and Jervis Abraham was ruthlessly out in his speech. Fiery goalkeeper Lennart Grill did not save any of the nine in the penalty shootout.

Over two hours earlier, the super drama had begun with Kollen’s mist changing its spots, the ball having to change color and the changing personality of the match:

Bran transitioned from directing to hunting when Gerf thrillingly took the lead in what should have been the other successful positions for Southerners at Bran’s 16m after 29 minutes.

Jesus Campos had two good chances to strike back, but home team goalkeeper Ole Martin Kolskogen didn’t give up. The arsonists hesitated, Torje Wichne snapped. Distraught, Gerf was sexy in the lead.

The remainder of the first half was an echo of Brann’s 2021 season: they looked comfortable with the ball, won it in favorable positions in the opponent’s half, played on piles of hits, and created chances – but the ends ended with leads.

Matthias Rasmussen shot over or into the opponent’s leg, Aune Heggebø hit Øystein Øvretveit or the post, and Bård Finne couldn’t even outsmart Brann’s former goalkeeper with a penalty after Jerv Erik goalkeeper Tobias Sandberg was blown away to block a shot with his palm.

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The second half began with the necessity of Asvretveit surrender. He had to respond with his foot when teammate Sandberg put a ball towards his goal, and Heggebø swept the equalizer in front of the Bran fans.

Øvretveit – Brann’s goalkeeper the last time the club was relegated from Eliteserien – quickly took hold. When Bran was awarded a new penalty for just five minutes 1-1, Sutra’s narrow-bearded streak was once again frighteningly good: Matthias Rasmussen took charge of the 11-metre, and attempted the opposite corner for Finn, but Overfeet was on the back. handle His second penalty kick in the match.

V-STYLE IN THE FOG: Jerv Øystein Øvretveit goalkeeper Jerv Øystein Øvretveit shows how many hits he has saved in regular time from the playoffs against Brann.

Bran refused to surrender after missing the second penalty kick and continued to run the match. In the second half, Jerv’s players looked tired, but Øvretveit’s long arms were well put to use on line and field — and the ends mostly flew out.

Gerf hit two dead balls in overtime raising the pulse of Bran fans, but when Diego Campos’ free-kick creeper came out as the last time before the final signal, the final qualifying match turned into a hesitant additional innings.

In the first, he outnumbered the shot and did not manage to make as much as before in the match after a penalty kick to Campos. Robert Taylor was the closest in the first overtime, when Bran, after a good mix, swept past Gerf’s entire defense and finally got the “right man” in the safe fin for the ball.

But the shot went straight to the chest at Øvretveit.

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