Breach in negotiations between TV 2 and Telenor – VG

Breach in negotiations between TV 2 and Telenor - VG
Telenor and TV 2 were unable to agree.

The dispute means that 550,000 customers have now lost TV 2 channels.


There are breaches in the negotiations between TV 2 and Telenor T-We, which means Telenor is now not allowed to broadcast TV 2 channels.

This was reported by Telenor in a press release.

Consequently, all 550,000 Telenor TV service T-We customers lose access to all TV 2 channels, according to the company.

“We are very sorry that this is affecting our customers, and we can confirm that we are doing everything we can to establish a new agreement with TV 2,” says Camilla Amundsen at Telenor.

According to Telenor, it is these channels that smoke for customers right now:

  • Fixed channels: TV 2, TV 2 Zebra, TV 2 Lifestyle, TV 2 Nyhetskanalen, TV 2 Sport 2
  • Optional content: TV 2 Sport 1, Nordisk Film, SF
  • Subscription channels: TV 2 Sport Premium and C More Film & Series

Consequently, Telenor will no longer have the right to broadcast content from these channels until a new agreement is entered into with TV 2.

– Both parties want to agree to a new agreement that includes all TV 2 content, but we have not yet been able to find a solution that works for both Telenor and TV 2, which mandates TV 2.

The channel also writes:

– If, and perhaps when, we will agree on a new agreement and the channels will return, we do not know.


Sarah Welland, organizing director of TV 2, wants to apologize to the affected customers.

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The current agreement expired on November 30, and we have been negotiating overtime since then. Unfortunately, we didn’t succeed, which means that 550,000 telecom customers will lose access to TV 2 channels as of today, VG told.

– Why was there no agreement?

– These are complicated negotiations. The agreement must be valid for both parties. In some areas, there is a slightly different interest for those of us who create content and those who distribute it. Hence, it may be difficult to find common ground.

– What will happen next?

– In the short term, Telenor viewers will lose access, and we can’t help but regret that this affects innocent third parties. Then we want to find a solution, but it’s hard to say anything about time perspective.

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