Breathe even without a respirator – Greater Oslo

Breathe even without a respirator – Greater Oslo

The family's spokesperson Kåre Løvstakken confirmed this to NRK. He He clarifies that it doesn't mean she woke up from the coma, but that she did Without a respirator, she is moving her arms and legs.

– There's more to say that she's awake. “What we know now is that there are resources for rehabilitation here, but we still have a long way to go to see how it works,” he says.

Løvstakken, who is a doctor, says this is very good news.

– Compared to how it was a few days ago, it is very good.

He says Rusten has a long rehab ahead of him.

– Mia is tough. She has good muscles, and she has all the prerequisites to succeed in that rehab, Lövstocken says.

Kåre Løvstakken

Kåre Løvstakken is the spokesperson for Mia Rusten's family. He knows them from the racing community and works as a doctor.

Photo: Kåre Løvstakken / Private

He flew to Norway

In January, NRK wrote that Rusten had been selected to participate in the WC in a road race. For the first time, a women's class was established.

– Rustan said that I have been working for this since I was 18 years old.

The 18-year-old was selected for Yamaha's road racing team. As the only woman. And from the beginning the dream was WC.

Mia Ruston

Speedy Mia Rusten (22) was able to compete in the first women's class in the road racing WC. Here from the previous run.

Photo: Damon Dierink

But things went wrong during the championship. WC crashed seven laps before the end of the race.

During the collision, he sustained a head injury. She was operated on shortly after. She has been in a coma ever since.

On Sunday evening, Rustan arrived home in Norway. He was then admitted to the Department of Neurosurgery at Oslo University Hospital.

Lowstocken says it was uncertain for a long time whether she would survive.

– She is now able to breathe on her own and move her arms and legs. It's a big step from being in a coma and not knowing if she's going to wake up.

attempted fraud

On Tuesday morning, Mia Rustan's sister wrote a Facebook post warning the motorcyclist's followers on Instagram about scams.

In a post shared on Rustan's fan page, the sister writes that someone is impersonating Mia and her. And they ask for money to help Mia.

Mia Rusten is the victim of a fraud attempt while in a coma.

Many people write in the comment section of this post that they have reported the account.

Photo: Screenshot / Facebook

– They are deeply shocked that someone could come up with something so bad as to make money out of someone else's tragedy, Lövstocken says.

He adds that the family finds it very unpleasant. According to him, they have considered reporting the attempted fraud but have so far chosen not to.

– They have announced to everyone in the community who thinks they support such a cause that this is not their project and they should not send any money.

Clarification: An earlier version of this case may give the impression that Ruston woke up from a coma, when the correct thing is that she can breathe on her own and is recovering. NRK clarified this in the text and removed the potentially misleading quote. Additionally, a new quote from the family's spokesperson has been added that more clearly describes Ruston's condition.

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