Brilliant expands the program offer –

Brilliant expands the program offer -

For those who sell products in the form of hardware, money is earned when the customer leaves the store. It’s great when products are sold in buckets and buckets like this cool Norwegian writing pad. They have managed to establish themselves as those who lead this development in the world. The combination of a thin tablet and an application that transfers everything to the application on a PC, tablet or mobile phone is very effective. We have full experience in this matter. We could not work efficiently, and we had a lot of arrangement in the notes, without noticing.

Recurring revenue

The secret to customer contact and a steady income stream is called recurring revenue, or recurring income in Norwegian. Good examples are Spotify and Netflix where you pay monthly to access the service. And they don’t even sell hardware.

Remarkable is now launching its own recurring revenue model. They are launching Connect and Connect Lite which are their new subscription services. Before, everyone who bought Remarkable got free access to their cloud where all notes and documents were stored and synced in both directions. Those who bought the whiteboard before yesterday get the new service for free. For new customers, it won’t be cheap from now on. They can still use the cloud to store and sync content, but it is limited to 50 days from the time the document is produced. It will probably make a lot of people scream and get involved.


New users get access to the new subscription service, but they have to pay 79 kroner per month. Or 49 kroner if they opt for a slightly more limited Lite service. This is the same offer that was free so far, but Remarkable is experimenting with Connect with new options that will make the wallet more flexible. And more to come, they promise.

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Free to NOK 79: The free offer is so limited that most people will probably choose to subscribe to one of the two Connect services. The picture is amazing

It promises a lot to deliver customers

The company will now be seriously working on developing new software such as Google Drive and Dropbox integration, handwriting recognition, great screen sharing, and email notes and documents as PDF, PNG or SVG files.

With screen sharing, you can use the board as a whiteboard, or, for those who remember long ago, when writing on the plastic films that were projected onto the screen.

You can also save web pages to the board for later use and you can annotate them with the pen.


If you purchase a writing pad with the Connect plan, you also get a 100-day satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied, you will get all the money back except for what you spent on the subscription. In this case, you must invoke the Norwegian right to withdraw within 14 days. Then everything will be refunded. If you keep the board, you will receive a 36-month warranty that includes all accessories.

The Lite version of Connect is just the same cloud service with unlimited file storage.


Although Connect is pricey, Remarkable sucks up the price by offering discounts to new customers. When you buy a great new writing board 2, you get a discount of 1000 kroner on the board. Additionally, you get NOK 300 off Marker Plus and NOK 200 off Book Folio.

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