British General: We should be ashamed

British General: We should be ashamed

British Defense Chief Richard Barnes believes war between NATO and Russia must be avoided – not just to maintain world peace.

– The main reason we want to avoid a war between NATO and Russia is that NATO is not ready. And we should be ashamed of it, according to, Barrons says The Independent.

If a NATO country is attacked, it will provoke NATO Article5 States that an attack on a member state should be considered an attack on all.

Not enough product

Barnes was questioned by a British security team on Thursday, where he was told he had no choice but to fight NATO against Russia.

The retired general insisted that NATO should decide if Russia has enough muscle to threaten large parts of Ukraine – not just eastern Ukraine.

Security Ceasefire: Richard Barnes believes a war between NATO and Russia should be avoided.  Photo: Ministry of Defense

Security Ceasefire: Richard Barnes believes a war between NATO and Russia should be avoided. Photo: Ministry of Defense
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– He says that decision would have been easier if we had made any products to act at the required speed in this situation, but we do not have it.

Ståle Ulriksen, a researcher at the FHS Naval War College, believes NATO is not currently ready for war against Russia. He previously told Dagbladet NATO countries have major shortcomings.

– Almost everyone presents NATO as a very strong military force that can almost stop Russia from smashing its fingers. But if you look at the military equipment of NATO countries, you will see big flaws, Ulriksen told Dagbladet:

– They were not ready for war against Russia on the European plains: they had old tanks, small artillery and almost no air defense.

Ukraine War: Russia is now attacking Ukraine from the east. Lt. Col. Keer Hagen Carlsen explains what this means for the development of the war. Video: Dagbladet TV / Reporter: Evan Larson
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The power balance must be restored

Barnes believes NATO’s top priority ahead of the Madrid summit is to “restore military balance of power” between NATO and Russia, so that Moscow can no longer “set the rules for negotiations with NATO.”

Equipping NATO’s security is important, but forces must also be placed in the right places, Barnes believes.

Earlier this month, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg announced that NATO was preparing plans for deployment. A permanent full-scale force in the eastern part of the alliance. Must have the power to stop the invading army.

Audio recording: Ukraine’s security service has released several audio clips claiming to be Russian phone calls. Reporter: Waggard Krueger. Video: Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty / Ukraine Security Service.
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He also said that NATO was in the midst of a very fundamental change that reflected the long-term consequences of the actions of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

– It does not matter when and how the war in Ukraine ends, the war has already had long-term consequences for our security. NATO must adapt to the new reality. That’s what we do, Stoltenberg said.

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