British intelligence: Ukraine is getting better at destroying Iranian drones

British intelligence: Ukraine is getting better at destroying Iranian drones

Iranian-made drones have spread death and destruction in large parts of Ukraine. Civilian infrastructure was destroyed by swarms of drones, and many innocent people were killed.

Now it turns out that the Ukrainian army and air force have become much more effective in combat to protect themselves from incoming death drones.

Ukraine improves in shooting down Iranian drones

“Ukraine’s attempts to fend off Russian attacks with Iranian-made drones are gaining increasing success. Ukraine is getting better at shooting down Iranian drones”, confirms British intelligence, writes CNN.

According to the Ukrainian Defense Command, Ukrainian forces have shot down several hundred Iranian-made UAVs in just over a month.

Since we first shot down an Iranian-made Shahed-136 Kamikaze drone over Ukrainian territory on September 13, the Air Force and other units of the Ukrainian defense have destroyed 223 such drones, according to a September 19 statement.

Russia continues to use Iranian drones

Both Iran and Russia have denied using Iranian-made drones in the war against Ukraine, but according to US intelligence, Iran has deployed elite Revolutionary Guards soldiers in Crimea and Belarus to train Russian drone operators. Agreements on new shipments of drones from Iran are also needed.

Russia continues to use Iranian unmanned aircraft (UAVs), also known as drones, against targets across Ukraine, even as Ukrainian efforts to defeat the Shahed-136 drone are increasingly successful, according to the British Foreign Office, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. British Foreign Office. Kyiv Independent.

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