British royal family accused of theft

British royal family accused of theft

In the wake of The death of Queen Elizabeth South African Member of Parliament, Vuyolwethu Zungula, 35, is now demanding the return of all diamonds “stolen” from the country by the British Royal House, he writes CNN.

The people of South Africa must also have a strong desire to take back the “Grand Star of Africa” ​​diamond from the British Royal Family. So far, more than 6,000 people have signed a petition to have it returned and displayed in a South African museum.

The huge diamond is said to have been acquired by the royal family in 1905, and it is currently located atop a scepter owned by Queen Elizabeth.

critic: On Saturday 10 September, King Charles signed the documents that would make him King of Great Britain. Two clips from the session went viral. They have been viewed over 22 million times on Twitter.

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It is not just the people of South Africa who are committed to diamonds. Zongola also came out strong against the royal family. According to CNN, he was said to have urged his country to demand compensation for all the damage done to Great Britain.

The Great Star: This is the diamond

The Great Star: This is the “Great Star of Africa” ​​diamond. Photo: Chris J. Ratcliffe/Paul Image via AP/NTB
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– He demanded the return of all the gold and diamonds stolen by Great Britain, it was said.

Then the head of state, Cyril Ramaphosa (69), honoring the memory of the late queen on Twitter, among other things he wrote about a meeting they had. It didn’t take long for someone to reply and ask about diamonds.

One wrote, “Did you ask her when she would return the South African diamonds?”


For their part, the British claim that the diamond in question was a gift and not stolen property. CNN writes that the Royal Collection Trust, which protects the royal family’s collection, believes the diamonds were given as a birthday gift to King Edward VI.

The diamond is said to have been sent from South Africa to Amsterdam in 1908, three years after it was found in the mine. It is said that it was then bought by the British-ruled Transvaal government in South Africa and presented to the king as a gift.

University professor of African politics, Eversto Pinera, is vehemently opposed.

Frustrating: Here, British King Charles gets frustrated while signing. Video: Reuters / British swimming pool
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Our version is that the entire Transvaal government, the government of the Union of South Africa, and the associated mining unions were illegal, he says and continues:

Receiving a stolen diamond does not exempt the recipient from it. The great star is a blood diamond. The private mining company, the Transvaal government, and the British Empire were all part of a larger network of colonization.

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