British soldier killed – Scott (36) was killed in Ukraine

British soldier killed - Scott (36) was killed in Ukraine

Briton Scott Sibley, 36, has been confirmed killed during the war in Ukraine. He writes Sky News.

– He was the bravest person I knew, an unnamed friend of the deceased foreign warrior told Media House.

British authorities confirmed Sibley’s death, but it is not yet known where and when Sibley was killed. Another Briton is missing in the war-torn country.

When the 36-year-old served in the British Armed Forces, he served in the Logistics Support Squadron. They also paid tribute to the former soldier on their Facebook pages.

– He was a man who showed leadership to the end. Rest in peace, writes the swarm.

shipping agent: The Canadian nickname “Wali”. He fought in Syria and Afghanistan, and now he is fighting the Russians in Ukraine. Video: Dagbladet. Reporter: Stian Drake. Editing: Harvard T.L. Knutsen.
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according to Danish TV 2 A 25-year-old Dane who fought on the Ukrainian side will also be killed.

The information was quoted by the channel’s correspondent, Rasmus Tantoldt.

– We can now confirm from several independent sources, including those who fought with the Dane, that he died, Tantoldt tells the channel.

The Ukrainian embassy confirmed the death on Friday Jyllands-Posten.

Last night, the mother of 22-year-old Willie Joseph Chanel from the United States confirmed it CNN That her son was killed in Ukraine.

In an email to Dagbladet, the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs wrote that it was not aware that Norwegian citizens had been injured or killed in the war in Ukraine.

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