Britney Spears and Kevin Federline | Ex-husband makes sexy statements: Claims that father’s guardianship saved Britney Spears

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline |  Ex-husband makes sexy statements: Claims that father's guardianship saved Britney Spears

Britney Spears (40) and Kevin Federline (44) were married from 2004 to 2007, and together they have children Sean Preston (16) and Jaden James Federline (15).

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On Saturday, the ex-husband appeared in an exclusive interview with daily Mail, where he spoke about the pop star’s controversial guardianship. Her father decided what she could do and what she could spend her money on. Now, however, the ex-husband claims that Jamie Spears just wanted to help her daughter.

he cared about her

After 13 years, the artist was released from custody in October of last year, after she fought a long battle to regain control of her life. Federline claims in the interview that Jimmy Spears was distraught about his daughter, and that he asked him for advice.

– Jimmy Spears came to me and said he didn’t know what to do. Federline said in the interview: I saw a guy who really cares, who really cares about his family and wants everything to be okay.

Furthermore, he added:

– When Jimmy took over, things were arranged. He saved her life.

He further explained that he believes that all people can make mistakes, and that his ex-father is welcome into the lives of his grandchildren if he so desires.

Apologies on behalf of the ex-wife

However, his ex-wife’s guardianship wasn’t the only thing Federline chose to point the finger at in the interview. And in the same interview, he said that his ex-wife has not seen her sons for several months, despite the fact that they live close to each other.

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The 44-year-old has also made no secret of what he thinks about his ex-wife’s Instagram account, which contains several photos and videos of the dance that they wear scantly. He claims the sons are embarrassed by their mother’s photos and videos.

According to Federline, he had to apologize to his sons for the consequences of the photos posted on social media. Federline believed that it was very difficult for the boys to show up at school.

Apparently, the ex-husband’s comments didn’t sit well with the “Toxic” singer, who herself took to Instagram where she attacked her ex earlier this week.

“It pains me to hear what my ex-husband decided to say about the relationship between me and my children…As we all know, raising teens is never easy for anyone…”Star writes.

In conclusion, the artist defends the scantily clad photos that she posted on the platform:

“A reminder that the indignities that come with fame and this industry affect not only me, but my kids as well. I want to challenge Federline to watch a big ass video!!! Other artists did so much worse when their kids were young!”, she writes.

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