Britney Spears ‘rubbing her head’ in new TV documentary – VG

Britney Spears 'rubbing her head' in new TV documentary - VG
POPICON: Britney Spears, here at the MTV party a few years ago.

“It’s crazy, folks,” Britney Spears, 39, wrote on Instagram.


It’s online Instagram Britney directly called the audience after The hearing mentioned in June, where it became definitively inflamed the situation of guardianship.

background: – I just want my life back

Previously neutral photo posts have been replaced by regular heartaches from Britney, who is no longer hiding it « FreeBritney movement She was right to suspect that she had failed her tutelage.

Now it’s the alleged new documentary reveal you’re interacting with.

«It’s crazy, folks. …I watched quite a bit of the latest documentary, and I have to say I scratched my head a few times“,” Britney writes, who adds that she is “really trying to distance herself from all the drama”.

Warrior: Jimmy Spears and Britney Spears.

Ahead of Wednesday’s new trial in Los Angeles, two new Britney documentaries have been presented (and a third will be released on Tuesday), but which one Britney wants is uncertain.

The New York Times launched on Friday “Control Britney Spears”, which is a sequel to the same newspaper “Framing Britney Spears” from this summer. CNN stands for the other, “Toxic: Britney Spears’ Battle For Freedom.”

Fox News TMZ believes it has been writing about the CNN documentary, since it premiered on Sunday. US magazine And other media think Britney is referring to “controlling Britney Spears”.

A number of American media reported the first written statements of the pop star Thursday evening, with Britney writing that much of what was presented in the recent documentary is “incorrect.” The 39-year-old has removed this sentence and replaced it with the aforementioned “scratch his head”.

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Britney also wrote that everything that happened belongs to the past.

At the same time, she is sarcastic about the dialogues and images used in the documentary she is referring to. Along with the text, she asked the artist to release a video, in which she wears a white shirt and white shorts.

«Wearing white for a new beginning“,” star writes.

I “Take control of Britney Spears» Several sources detail how guardianship has largely controlled the pop star’s life. Among other things, father Jimmy Spears will be helped in monitoring his daughter by wiretapping and hFun audio recordings from the bedroom.

Wednesday session

In the wake of massive controversy in recent months, Britney’s father has made an official request Exempted from guardianship which has been around for nearly 14 years. In the Wednesday session, that will be the topic. A judge must approve this petition before it can take effect.

It is unclear whether Britney herself will speak at the upcoming hearing.

Britney’s lawyer, Matthew Rosengart, also asked the court to remove Jamie Spears from the position of trustee, and now that request has been strengthened. Following new documentary allegations of surveillance, Rosengart demands that Spears’ father be stopped immediately.

Britney Spears will no longer be intimidated and pressured. According to the lawyer, she no longer tolerates her father’s abuse diverse.

Jamie Spears (68) has always claimed that she acted for her daughter.

Father’s lawyer: – People are so wrong

Rosengart also asked the court to investigate the alleged surveillance, as he believed it might be a crime.

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On Tuesday, Netflix will also present a separate documentary on Britney – titled Britney vs. Spears”. Here are some clips:

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