Britons and 200 animals await evacuation from Afghanistan – VG

Britons and 200 animals await evacuation from Afghanistan - VG
Animal Friend: Former British soldier Paul Farthing runs the Nawzad organization in Afghanistan. Now he is trying to evacuate both employees and animals from the country.

Briton Paul Farthing, who runs an animal protection organization in Kabul, has arrived at the airport and is awaiting evacuation. With him 200 animals.


Paul “Ben” Farthing is a former Royal Marine who is married to Norwegian Kaisa Marcus, who became His house was evacuated from Kabul last Friday.

After Farthing worked for British defense in the country, he established the Nawzad organization in Afghanistan. This is an organization to help animals without safe homes in the country.

Since the collapse of the Afghan government and Taliban takeover, Farthing has fought to evacuate employees, their families, 140 dogs and 60 cats, in what he called “Operation Ark”.

Waiting at the airport

The group and the animals arrived at the airport on Thursday, but were turned away. Then they ended up in the middle of chaos and then one suicide bombers explode And Killed a large number of people At one of the gates, says Farthing Twitter.

But the British Ministry of Defense confirmed on Friday that the government had given the green light to evacuate the Farthing and the animals.

Pen Farthing and his animals were helped through the system at Kabul Airport by British forces. They write that they are receiving support while waiting for the transfer Twitter.

It is not clear whether British authorities are now evacuating the Afghan staff and their families, for whom Farthing fought. The British Ministry of Defense has previously written on twitter That they should get visas.

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The Battle of Farthing to evacuate homeless animals sparked interest in Britain, but it also provoked reactions. Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said some Farthing supporters had stolen too much of their time from military leaders who should have been allowed to focus on the humanitarian crisis, he wrote. BBC.

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