Bronde hair color is popular this year

Bronde hair color is popular this year

sSummer is quickly approaching, and on that occasion some people choose to update their hairstyle.

Blonde hair color is the hair trend this summer that requires the least amount of care, according to the women's magazine Women's health.

“Bronde” is described as elegant and simple, and the color is a mix of blonde and brown tones.

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“It's a soft shade that suits almost everyone,” the magazine says.

Written last year Glamor Magazine Hair color was one of the most requested colors in salons. Many celebrities have already jumped on this trend.

Among other things, the color can add a kind of sun-kissed warmth to brunettes, or it can soften bleached hair for a more natural look.

– Blonde hair Blonde has been a popular hair color for a few years, but it's definitely here to stay, Harriet Muldoon, hair color expert at Larry King, tells Womans Health.

– I also like to call it a layered blonde look – because it's about adding depth and warmth to your tresses, continues the hair color expert.

- Cheers to this

– Cheers to this

Sorbet blonde hair has also become popular this year: the color is a mixture of caramel and honey; Golden color.

According to hairstylist and hair trend analyst Tom Smith, hair should be healthy, golden, and so shiny that you want to taste it. Smith referred to the hair color as “the most delicious blonde color of spring.”

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