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Hollywood Star: Bruce Willis in Los Angeles in 2019.

The Golden Raspberry Awards named Bruce Willis, 67, a filmmaker recently. Now they make a full turn.


The Razzies, as this questionable honor is called, hand out their least sought-after titles each year on the day before the Academy Awards. Its very high prices.

This year, the Razzies believed Willis took the “award” for as many as eight films in the past year. Then they simply moved to the step of creating a completely separate category Just For him – “Bruce Willis’ worst movie of the year”. In the end, it was the 67-year-old’s “cosmic sin” that “won”.

After the Willis family came out earlier this week announcing that Willis suffers from aphasia and He should put his career on the shelfturned award giver.

«After a thorough evaluation, the Razzies decided to withdraw the award to Bruce Willis, due to his diagnosis, which we are now aware of.”, they write in a press release according to CNN.

«If a person’s medical condition affects performance, we understand that it is not appropriate to award that person a Razzie Award‘, they add.

I was heavily criticized

The complete reversal comes after The Razzies in the past two days Drenched in criticism on social media – After they announced that the price was not shaken. And many people demanded to withdraw the price in light of what appeared now.

When news of the diagnosis came, the Razzies posted this Twitter message, which then took a lot of pepper:

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It is now certain that Willis’ class was not intended to become ordinary.

Willis’ colleagues came out on Wednesday and explained it Very Bad Days on Different Movie Sets In recent years, as a result Willis has been increasingly reduced.

Despite the health status, Willis has starred in 22 films in the past four years.

According to aphasia A language disorder caused by disease or damage to the brain. Diagnosis includes difficulties in using and perceiving language, and difficulties in reading and writing.

Stroke is the most common cause of aphasia, but head injuries, brain tumors, and other illnesses can also lead to the disease. Details of Willis’ health are unknown.

Here’s a look back at one of his great numbers:

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