Bruce Willis’s wife sends a heartbreaking message

Bruce Willis’s wife sends a heartbreaking message

In March of last year, it was known that “Die Hard” star Bruce Willis, 68, had contracted an illness that meant he had to give up acting. Willis was diagnosed with aphasia, a language disorder caused by disease or damage to the brain, according to him Aphasia Society of Norway.

In February, another update came: Willis had frontotemporal dementia.

Bruce Willis and his entire family gathered to celebrate the actor’s birthday. Video: Klaus Fielro/Red Runner/Demi Moore via Instagram.
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It was ex-wife Demi Moore (60) who shared the news. Since being diagnosed with aphasia, the family has shared updates with fans about the illness and treatment the 68-year-old has received.

Now they areR’s wife Emma Heming Willis (44), who With a new update. On Instagram, she says that a clinical study looking for a treatment to diagnose dementia has now ended.

Family: relief

Family: relief

– You will never lose hope

Emma shared a set of photos of her daughters Evelyn, 9, and Mabel, 11, who she had with Bruce.

“Yesterday I read that Wave Life Sciences (WLS) has finished its clinical trial potentially treating frontotemporal dementia (FTD) and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Not sure if it could help us, but it doesn’t really matter — it still feels like a punch in the gut,” she wrote.

Furthermore, I thanked this attempt, and asked that they continue to build on the lessons learned and the discoveries made.

“Our family will continue to keep the faith and we will never lose hope.”

‘Dementia Choir’ won the prestigious Audience Award during Gullruten 2023, but will there be a new season? Red Runner asked. Video: Red Runner
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– He thinks he doesn’t care

On Wednesday this week, Bruce and Demi’s youngest daughter, Tallulah, 29, wrote an article for vogue magazine, Where she told, among other things, about the first time she realized something was wrong with her father.

She wrote, among other things, that she had suspected a possible illness “for a long time.”

With a prayer: - Keep your distance

With a prayer: – Keep your distance

“It started with a kind of vague lack of response.”

The family initially excused him by saying it was a result of the Hollywood life, and that “Die Hard” films had ruined his hearing.

dementia chair Jan Runar Eliassen moved the whole hall with this interpretation. Video: NRC
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Later, the lack of response widened and sometimes I took it personally. He had two children with my stepmother, Emma Heming Willis, and I thought he had lost interest in me,” Tallulah admits.

Share photos from the delivery room

Share photos from the delivery room

Eventually she realized it wasn’t about her, but he was actually sick – without making it any easier. During a wedding in 2021, she breaks up.

“Suddenly I knew I wasn’t going to have that moment of my dad talking about me as an adult at my wedding. It was devastating. I left the dinner table and walked out and cried in the bush.”

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