Building and Construction, NHO | Most pessimists in Gutbrandstallen and Lillehammer

Building and Construction, NHO |  Most pessimists in Gutbrandstallen and Lillehammer

Inland conditions are now slightly weaker than in November. 20 percent of companies report that the situation is good and 34 percent that the situation is bad. Net -15 percent, down -10 percent in November.

– Many companies are doing well, while the construction industry is having a hard time right now, says John Christianson, regional director of NHO Inland, in a press release.

Desperation prevails in all districts, but in Inlanded and Akhtar the future prospects are bleak.

Domestically, only 6 percent expect market conditions to improve over the next six months, while half expect a decline.

Although pessimists predominate in all municipalities in the interior, Lillehammer and Gutbrandsthalen have the most pessimists.

Very weak in construction sector

Electricity prices have returned to high levels, and now interest rates and higher prices are weighing on many companies.

– The construction industry in particular is facing huge challenges. So the state budget is better to strengthen Husbanken and ENOVA. It will provide housing for people struggling in the housing market and increase funding for energy efficiency, which is an important start to lower electricity bills and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, says Christiansen.

The survey shows that the situation is better for electricians, NHO food and beverages and NHO service and trade. The situation is weak in construction sector and auto sector.

In the national survey, it is very similar to firms in the interior.

The situation is said to be weakest in the construction industry, auto industry and tourism sectors. According to NHO’s member companies, the future looks bleaker than it has in a long time.

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Only in Rogaland, Troms and Finnmark and Trøndelag do the majority of companies consider the situation to be good at the moment.

Meeting with the Minister

On Tuesday, Municipalities and Districts Minister Erling Sande (SP) had invited eight different organizations in the construction industry to an input meeting on the industry’s crisis.

The industry believes this crisis will lead to housing shortages in the future.

– I would like to hear about the experiences of the construction industry in recent times and their assessments of where the shoe is pressing too much, Sande said in a press release.

Several companies told NTB that the crisis in the construction industry could cause problems when the economy picks up again. When houses aren’t built, people don’t have new houses to buy when they have money.

– It is expected that the government will understand the severity of the crisis in building new houses. This is a dramatic drop that will spill over into the housing shortage, especially in the coming years, says Bård Folke Fredriksen, managing director of the Norwegian Housing Construction Association (NBBL).

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