Bulented – NRK capsized west of Westland

Bulented - NRK capsized west of Westland

The Norwegian Central Rescue Service confirmed that three people had been pulled from the sea.

– Rescue conditions on site are requested, rescue inspector Børge Galta at the main rescue center.

Main rescue center NRK reports that it is a recreational boat. It must have taken about 20 minutes from the news until the evidence was on display.

Rescue operations are underway outside the municipality of Askvoll in Westland, west of Bulandet.

Three helicopters, a lifeboat, a coast guard vessel and a diving boat have been dispatched to the scene.

An air ambulance from Bergen is now on the scene. The Central Rescue Service has confirmed that divers are also at the scene.

The main rescue center is still describing the situation as vague.

– A boat has capsized and we have a rescue operation with plenty of resources. The situation is unclear, but serious, Oddgeir Andersen at the main rescue center told NRK when the rescue operation was launched.

Must have walked close to the ground

Terje Magnussen, Operations Manager at the Western Police District, told NRK that the boat will be a small boat of 20 feet.

The incident must have taken place far from shore, according to Magnussen, who had no exact position.

– The main rescue center coordinates the operation. Rescue boats and helicopters have been sent to the spot, he said.

Police could not say the extent of the damage or whether people were or were in the water.

Security exits

They confirmed to NRK that the Norwegian Armed Forces and the Norwegian Navy are moving to the scene. The marines are expected to arrive with their boats at 2.45 pm.

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– Received mayday signal via VHF link. “We are going to help,” says Norwegian Armed Forces spokesman Marius Willanger.

Villanger himself is on one of the boats going to the place.

We are talking about two fast moving boats of the Coast Guard and the Norwegian Navy.

All ships are obliged to respond to Mayday and that is what we do. “Our ships are fast moving and can get there quickly,” says Toril Herland, Norwegian Navy’s head of communications.

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