Burger King Restaurants | Top 5 foodora restaurants: Check out where Fredrikstad people order the most food

Burger King Restaurants |  Top 5 foodora restaurants: Check out where Fredrikstad people order the most food

Today, on New Year’s Eve itself, Fredrikstad Country can reveal the five most popular food restaurants of the year.

Pink tenders have been hanging around with food from Fredrikstad restaurants since 2020. Here you see where we order the most food.

near the top

According to Foodora Director Elisabeth Myhre, the battle is fierce, and a place on this year’s top list is no guarantee for next year.

– It’s very close to the top in Fredrikstad. There are obviously many well-equipped restaurants in the battle to satisfy customers. The top menu often changes from month to month, but if we look at 2021 as a whole, there are some outstanding restaurants, says Meyer.

Top 5 in Fredrikstad

These are the five restaurants most of which ordered from Fodora in 2021. The company doesn’t mention an ordered list, but rather a random order.

  • Geisha Sushi Japan Fredrikstad
  • burger king
  • McDonald’s Prejuvenile
  • Pizza og Kebab friends
  • Kebab Pizza House Fredrikstad

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characteristics of a foodora . winner

Myhre says there are some of the restaurants’ most famous characteristics, and he’s ready to reveal some of the most important ingredients for a winning recipe for Fredrikstad Country.

– The recipe is customer focused, with a good dose of efficiency and reliability, topped with a desire to test new things. The most popular restaurants have the customer in the center and always give the customer what he wants.

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At least it is important that the food is prepared on time and in the way the customer expects. We also see that those who dare to try new things do very well, she says, listing discount codes, Halloween campaigns, or Valentine’s Day deals as examples.

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Exception year

For many restaurants, 2021 was a special year, with closures and empty tables. That’s why takeaways are becoming especially important, and something Fodora has noticed a lot.

– We know that we have played an important role and have been a lifeline to many, says the proud director of Fodora.

– On average, we achieved a 100% increase in the number of orders. It’s no secret that the will to stand up I meet in the restaurant industry in Fredrikstad inspires me.

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