Burns: Five treated

Burns: Five treated

Five people suffered burns following a blaze shortly before half-time in the Sørland derby in football between Jervé and Stadt in Grimstad.

There should be minor burns.

– Police write in Aktor that there were two adults and three children who were treated at the scene after the sparks from the sparks.

The injured children were born in 2011, 2014 and 2018 respectively. Dagbladet has confirmed this with the police.

It was Grimstad Address Newspaper The first reported that three children suffered burns.

– There has been a lot of explosion. Sparks from sparks caused these injuries. People were treated on the spot, so it would be a job to identify who lit the blaze, operations manager Lars Heiberg tells Talkbladet.

The opening team won the match 1-0.

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