Business and Artificial Intelligence | The ultimate physical conference – AI+ brings together experts in Halden

Halden and Brega Cultural Hall attracted the attention of about 300 people for two days on 3 and 4 May. Then the international conference AI + is arranged, which puts artificial intelligence on the agenda.

The technology used is called Artificial Intelligence (KI). When you search for or use online services, you leave digital traces. KI uses this data to identify you and adapt the presentation to the content you encounter online.

– Inspirational arena

But KI is being used to solve far more complex challenges than any movie or series one should watch on Netflix, and during May 3 and 4, the latest cutting edge technology will be presented at the Brygga Hall of Culture. Then AI+ 2022 is arranged where some of the leading experts in the field give presentations that are interesting, informative, exciting and not least future-oriented.

The rapid development of digital technologies has resulted in many public and private companies now studying or beginning to use KI to improve operation, efficiency, and product and service development. But many still wonder how to get started, and they need the right partners and knowledge. This is why it’s so important that we can have access to an arena that not only inspires and spreads knowledge, but also where you can meet the right players – that’s the perfect AI+, says Marianne Berkman.

She leads the Applied Artificial Intelligence (CAAI) group, which is supported by eSmart Systems, IFE, Østfold University College and Smart Innovation Norway. eSmart, IFE, CAAI and Smart Innovation Norway are also the initiators of the conference – then in collaboration with the municipality of Halden.

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Halden has a large and strong KI network that contributes to starting businesses and more jobs in the municipality. We are so happy. The conference supports this work, and therefore it is only natural that the municipality will be involved in it, says Oyvind Stokesth, Smart City Head in Halden Municipality.

KI is used in many municipal solutions and Stokseth makes it clear that the potential is great.

– For example in navigation. KI can help ensure that the vehicle’s supply matches the need and not a randomly selected frequency. Halden municipality can increase efficiency in many areas by using KI the right way, he says.

NHO: – Efficiency is critical

A rich two-day program that leaves its mark on the Haldane community in general as well. AI+ offers a lot of exciting things, not just for those who work with KI, but for tech enthusiasts in general. On Monday May 2, anyone curious about KI can get a taste of when NHO Viken Oslo and AI+ invite you to the AI ​​and Beer Open Event in Bryggerhuset at 7pm.

We at NHO believe that competency is critical to success in a mid-level societal transformation. We believe that the economy of the future will be greener, more digital, and more global. Here, AI and beer is a great event that we hope will bring together a lot. Investing in competency is a prerequisite for both companies and individuals to be able to take advantage of the opportunities that lie in AI, says NHO Viken Oslo Leader Jermond Lunning.

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He admires the environment that Halden grew up in and looks forward to attending the conference.

Norway is participating in the World Restructuring Championships – a race in technology development, job creation and finding the best solutions. The development of artificial intelligence will undoubtedly play an important role in the working life of tomorrow, as we must create more jobs to ensure our well-being. Løyning says meeting venues such as AI+ are important to further increase the focus on AI at the regional and national levels.

proud decision

Mayor Anne-Kari Holm is proud of the local KI network and is pleased that the municipality is a co-organizer of the ever-growing conference.

We are very proud to have such a wonderful environment here in Halden, and all credit goes to those behind it. This is the third year in a row that we have arranged, and people can finally come to our city to participate physically. I think this is very cool. We have skilled jobs in an environment that I think can be envied in all of Norway. Now this is being demonstrated at a conference, she said.

The mayor was a digital participant in last year’s conference and gained a good insight into technology that to many seems difficult and intangible.

– It’s very interesting to see how you can use KI in so many ways, and AI + arena where this is obvious. The conference is also a way to demystify artificial intelligence. This is a technology used in many areas already today, and there will only be more in the future. Ann Carrie Holm says this is something everyone should relate to to a greater or lesser degree.

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