Business, Fagan | Now this company starts car rental

Business, Fagan | Now this company starts car rental

– The goal is to increase our activity related to the social mission. We want to expand and build on our role as a social actor and provide a broader training ground in the workplace, says Managing Director Rune Barossen Nielsen.

LIAS is a recruitment and integration company made up of several companies operating in many different business areas.

– In one of the companies we also have a car wrecker whose main job is to receive and repair/scrap cars. In this regard, we are working on a project that aims, in short, to extend the life of some of the car wrecks that have been delivered, by placing them in an alternative market that could be rental cars, says Barosin.

– We also explore the local used market for good cars, which can be included in our rental range.

So the business model is based on extending the life of cars.

“It is also a fact that we have access to used car parts, which can be reused, rather than being sent to be shredded or disposed of,” explains Barosin.

– We receive many cars for scrapping – approx. 600-800 wrecks per year. Many of these do not require major interventions to be re-approved by the EU and back on the road.

LIAS also has an accredited workshop associated with the car scrapping company.

– This means that we can solve the repairs “in-house”. In addition to the points mentioned above, this will contribute to increasing the workload of those who are deployed/trained with us at any time as part of our social mission as an A&I company.

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LIAS is now also entering into a strategic cooperation with Lofoten Vanlife AS, which will act as a link with customers.

– Lofoten Vanlife AS has extensive experience in car rental and marketing. This cooperation comes naturally to us, as they are tenants at our head office in Svolvær, says Barossen in conclusion.

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