Business & Innovation | Cuba is among the best in Norway: – That makes me proud

Business & Innovation |  Cuba is among the best in Norway: - That makes me proud

Innovation and consulting company Kupa AS is ranked among the top 10 incubators out of 45 in Norway in SIVA’s announcement as operator of the 2023-2032 incubation program. The main objective of the program is to increase national value creation through effective identification, further development and commercialization of good ideas for new developing companies, and provision of new growth in existing businesses.

Every year 50 new companies visit Kupa for help with capital and expertise in business and industry/technology development Wide industry network and innovation ecosystem ReSight, Helseboka, and Neotemp (formerly Polar Energi) are examples of companies that have received assistance from Kupa through the incubator program. Kupa is included in the national Siva incubation programme, and will receive NOK 3.5 million annually for ten years. This means that Kupa has the opportunity to help more companies achieve development and growth.

Kupa Incubator President Vibeke Lund says the following.

– We are delighted to be named one of the best business incubators in the country, ranked above StartupLAB-recognized environments in Oslo. This shows that over the years we have gained experience in Kupa that maintains a high national level, where we can compare ourselves to the large innovation environments in Norway.

– We believe that the key lies in our ability to approach the companies we work with, and to further develop services in line with their needs, and in line with the changes that occur in their framework conditions. In addition, we have many employees in Kupa who have experience from building companies themselves as well as a large industrial network.

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What is kuba?

Kupa is an industry-oriented innovation and consulting firm. Kupa has just under 30 employees with offices in Harstad, Narvik, Vincennes and Tromsø, but operates independently of location. Their vision is: Together we create innovative and sustainable businesses and society. Kupa is owned by Equinor County Council, Siva, Troms, Finnmark, Total, DNV, VINN, Nordkraft, Harstad Municipality, UiT and others, including banks and companies in Northern Norway.

Confirmation of the work we do

Hilde Svenning, CEO of KUPA, says the following about the site:

– This is confirmation of the good work that KUPA employees do together with startups and developing companies every day, and it makes me proud! We have a strong, multidisciplinary advisory environment in Northern Norway claiming national expertise in business development and capital for the companies we work with.

– Our network was also important in the evaluation. Here I would like to highlight the innovative companies in the groups and business networks that we lead: National Concrete Innovations Group, Marine Technology Group, Energiklyngen nord and Havbrukerne i Astafjord (HiA) Group.

In practice, inclusion in the incubation program means that Kupa can continue to be a driving force for innovation and sustainable restructuring in Northern Norway and nationally, particularly in technology, offshore, energy and construction. ”

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In the next 10-year period, Kupa will work more with the development of new business ideas and concepts, focusing on the blue-green industry, in order to create more forward-looking jobs in our region.

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