Butcher Henrik and Philip Ingbrigtsen: – Very miserable

Butcher Henrik and Philip Ingbrigtsen: - Very miserable

BISLETT (Dagbladet): Narve Gilje Nordås (23) was 2.3 seconds behind the 5,000m water-lap requirement when he clocked in at 13.15.82 in Bislet. He beat both Henrik and Filip Ingebrigtsen, who broke, but was still disappointed when he met Dagbladet after the race.

Does it matter that you beat Henrik and Philip?

– Nothing, says Narvi Gilji Nordus.

– why not?

– Because they ran so badly. If they ran 13.10 and I beat them, it would have been awesome. But there was no competition. I don’t know what they were doing. So much so that I ran so badly, what they did was completely miserable, he tells Dagbladet (see video interview above).

– What is the reason in your opinion?

– I don’t know. I haven’t spoken to them since February.

Mersili: Narvi Gilji Nordos. Photo: Stian Lysberg Solum / NTB
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The 23-year-old, who unlike the Ingbrigtsen brothers is still coach of Geert Ingbrigtsen, adds:

– I’ve had two sessions every day for the past four years. No injuries, minor illness. I think they had more injuries and disease. They are in a family setting with kids, wives and a whole bunch. And then there may be things I don’t know about.

– Too sour

When Dagbladet mentioned the “miserable” trait toward Henrik Ingbergzen, the 31-year-old replied that “neither he nor Philippe are good enough” what they did at Bislet on Thursday night.

He explains that the reason for poor achievement is a natural cause.

– He was as afraid. I was hoping to be more free from the pain in my Achilles tendon, which I’ve struggled with since Monday and took painkillers for this reason. It was so painful that I couldn’t keep up here. I ran faster six weeks ago and feel like I’ve taken training steps since then, he says.

Mysterious: Narve Gilje Nordås delivers a harsh verdict on Filip Ingebrigtsen and Henrik Ingebrigtsen's races in Bislett.  Photo: Beate Oma Dahle / NTB

Mysterious: Narve Gilje Nordås delivers a harsh verdict on Filip Ingebrigtsen and Henrik Ingebrigtsen’s races in Bislett. Photo: Beate Oma Dahle / NTB
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– What makes you finish in pain while Philip gives up in the middle of the race?

Philip qualifies for the World Cup in a month. not me. I don’t have these considerations to make. Then I can do such stupid things, says Henrik Ingebrigtsen with a smile.


Filip Ingebrigtsen smashed the race in what was his last chance to qualify for the 5000m at WC. It was due to an injury that caused him a lot of pain so that he could run as fast as he wanted.

Then the 29-year-old made a difficult but correct choice in light of what lies ahead this summer.

– I had a sore leg in the Achilles tendon. It’s very painful to break, when the body has been playing for a while and the shape is really good, Filip Ingebrigtsen tells Dagbladet.

– I’m trying another round longer than I should hope it gets better. When that doesn’t happen, it’s best to give up.

injury: It was tough for hurdles runner Amelie Lowell to race during the Bislet Games Thursday night. Reporter: Øyvind Godø. Video: Melina Bamboo Sundfor
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blow in the face

Filip Ingebrigtsen was the best in the family and took the World Cup bronze in the 1500m in London in 2017, the year after he won the European Championship at distance.

Also in 2018, he was the best in the family and in Europe before injuring himself at the European Athletics Championships in Berlin. Then Jakob Ingbrigtsen took the opportunity and won two golds at the European Championships. And since then, Jacob has been the best in the family – and now in the world.

How will you get back to the level you were in these years?

– I feel like I’m on a very good path. I have rebuilt myself after last year. Then it is a bit more usual for this to happen. These are the little things that you have to deal with in a professional manner. I know I’ve completed a lot of good workouts. He says to Dagbladet, I have to do the right things in the future.

won – won: Salom Cavalli won the 100m at Bislet in a race that was a whole new genre. Reporter: Øyvind Godø. Video: Melina Bamboo Sundfor
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Philip adds that he is still focused on the world championships in Eugene in July and the 1500m there, although the chances of a medal are higher at the European Championships in Munich which awaits in August.

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