Butcher New Power Pack: – Spraying in a Stomach

Butcher New Power Pack: - Spraying in a Stomach

Case updated

Labor, the Center Party and the Socialist People’s Party have agreed on a new electricity package to help Norwegian families meet higher electricity prices.

This is the new Power Pack:

  • Government’s proposal for power package is NOK 4.6 billion – SV package increased by NOK 1,125 billion
  • For 200 million municipalities, support will be needed and more will go to community assistance
  • In January, February and March, 465 million housing benefits were increased, which, according to the government, will help another 50,000 people receive housing benefits.
  • By increasing the level of high electricity prices that the government covers from 50 to 55 percent, 460 million goes to increased compensation for all.
  • 118 million goes to housing in December

– Gives back crumbs

The new deal takes the slippery slope of the opposition in Sorting.

– This is the suffocation of the SV and the government. The government is raising tens of billions of kroner more from higher electricity prices, and they still hold the bulk of it. SV’s contribution is to give back some big snippets. It’s Nottingham’s sheriff who rules, not Robin Hood! Says Frank Sway, spokesman for the FrP’s energy policy.

Sve believes that the SV has only contributed to minor changes and that electricity bills will continue to be a major burden for many homes.

– It is especially disrespectful that the government and SV continue to electrify the Norwegian closet with Norwegian hydropower.

The FRP had earlier announced that it would remove the full electricity tax, VAT on electricity and pay 4,000 kroner to all households in the country.

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– In addition, Sve argues that Norway should immediately consider emergency preparedness for overseas power cables so that Norway does not have a net export of hydropower when the reservoir fills up less than normal.

– is even worse

Liberal Party monetary policy spokeswoman Sveinung Rotevatn is pleased that a solution has been found in the negotiations on electricity, and hopes that the increase in housing support will be particularly positive.

– We want more social profile on electricity subsidy, for example, in the ways we proposed in the state budget, we provide more for those who really need it.

Red is not happy with the new power package. The party believes that electricity should have been provided to the people before Christmas.

– This project is even worse. Rødt has taken the initiative to participate in it without reaching negotiations. “We hope we can contribute to better solutions,” said Sophie Marhok, Rodin’s parliamentary representative and vice chair of the Energy and Environment Committee.

New proposals before Christmas: – We have proposals coming up in Sorting’s consideration over the next few days about making payments before Christmas, says Marhok (left). Here she is eating cake with Rodin’s Parliamentary Committee at the end of September. Photo: Ole Berg-Rusten / NDP

They believe more action needs to be taken.

– The government spends only a certain proportion of the bulk of ordinary people’s income from electricity bills. Therefore, additional activities are needed in the New Year as well. Rødt We work very hard to get.

The stake will increase to 80 percent

Krell Ingolf Ropstad, KrF’s monetary policy spokesman, believes that referring to social assistance and not doing anything before Christmas is the wrong solution.

– This is a serious and unusual situation with very high electricity prices. Then KrF hopes that the government will repay more of the enormous revenue it now receives. 55 percent compensation above 70 re kWh is not enough. We propose to increase the state’s share to 80 percent, says Robstadt.

KrF hopes the state will support November – and has taken up the bulk of the consumer bill.

Rasmus Hanson, MDG’s Acting Speaker, stressed that it is gratifying to come to the aid of those in need of electricity bills.

– But the deal with SV rewards them with higher power consumption, which is very beneficial for those with large assets. Conversely, at least give them more, he says.

MDG believes that the limit for obtaining electricity support should be a maximum of 3,000 kWh and that the agreement between government parties and the SV should not exceed 5,000 kWh.

Disappointment: Rasmus Hanson thinks the ceiling for power support should be lowered.  Photo: Tom Rune Arset / TV2

Disappointment: Rasmus Hanson thinks the ceiling for power support should be lowered. Photo: Tom Rune Arset / TV2

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