Byrd Tufte Johansen: – Steps after corona infection

Byrd Tufte Johansen: - Steps after corona infection

Bart Duffy Johansson (52) Reportedly infected with corona N.R.K.. Sikrit Pandey Tuswick (41) This week’s “New in the New”.

Bart is out due to Corona, and all of his close contacts are isolated. I mean, the whole joke of Norway, except for me, Tuswick tells NRK

Johansson himself says that being sick and not being able to work is so boring that he now mocks it as a virus that is “for everyone” – and compares the virus to Tesla cars.

Struggling: Malin Nesvol, also known as “Makeupmalin” suffered from corona in 2020, and he is still tired. Video: Selena Morgan. Reporter: Thea Hope
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# Me too

However, he hopes that his comedian Saga will do better ahead of the show.

– “Nytt på Nytt” This is also the time for a woman to be guided, NRK, it’s important to show that women can be an alternative to the call, the presenter jokes.

Steps: Sigrid Ponde Duswick this week

Steps: Sigrid Ponde Duswick is the host of this week’s “New in the New”. Photo: Andreas Fadum / See and Hear
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Tuswick, on the other hand, jokes that when a middle-aged person is not allowed to go to work, it may be about #metoo.

– The person who submitted the harassment notice will report that she is in a lot of trouble, but that she can get it. He also wants to add that being the host of “Nytt på Nytt” is not a motivation for temporary job announcement, he jokes.

The project manager at the show, Gazette Coumann, wished Johnson a speedy recovery and said he was glad the comedian had been vaccinated.

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