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Norwegian industrial leader Stein Lier-Hansen joined the class action today demanding government action to get more water into reservoirs.

Reservoirs in southern and eastern Norway are at their lowest level in 20 years and electricity prices in southern Norway are at record highs. Nevertheless, exports to foreign countries tripled between 28 and 29 weeks, Klasekampen writes.

Norway’s largest perennials are located in southwestern Norway.

Low water: Blåsjø is Norway’s 12th largest lake, but currently the water level is low. The picture was taken on July 11.

Photo: Gunnar Morsund

– We are in the “deep seat”.

– We have a historically low occupancy rate at a time when it should have been optimal, Stein Lear-Hansen, Managing Director of Norsk Industri, tells NRK.

– It is unlikely that the large reservoirs in south-west Norway will receive enough rainfall in autumn to reasonably fill them. And so we are indeed “deep shit,” he says.

So he wants a policy of action to fill huge reservoirs to get stable electricity prices. Lear-Hansen is clear that this is not an argument against exchanging electricity with Europe.

Steen Lear-Hansen in Norwegian Industry.

Stein Lear-Hansen is the managing director of Norsk Industri, the largest NHO organization.

Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB

– When wind turbines are running at full capacity in countries like Denmark and Germany, the wind turbines that other countries rely on are new products, so we automatically get electricity. The adaptive power we have is a unique resource that needs to be managed predictably throughout the year, says Lear-Hansen.

Power analyst Tor Reyer Lillyholdt In block intelligence It is believed that the government has taken steps to help them save on the fill rate.

As I understand it, this is precisely what the Storting and the government are planning. They now have an overview of 60 power plants, which is important. Lilleholt tells NRK that the facilities can then be comprehensively managed and rationed.

Lillihold We can now assess how freely we operate in the fall, and then set limits on how little is allowed in the spring.

Autumn is a very wet season and there is a lot to say about whether it is dry or wet. You should consider implementing a rule of thumb of 5 or 10 percent fill level, says Lillehold.

Lilholt says he has family that sells firewood, but he has no personal rights to the sale of firewood.

The government did not respond to NRK on Saturday. Secretary of State Elizabeth Sether (Ap) tells VG that currently, there are no restrictions on exports and no minimum quantities for filling in magazines.

– Rules of action should be considered

Norwegian Directorate of Water Resources and Energy (NVE) issued a decision on Friday requiring selected hydropower producers in southern Norway to report weekly on production and reservoir filling.

Tor Reier Lilleholt

Dorr Reier Lillihold, Power Analyst at Value Insight.

Photo: NRK

Energy analyst Lilleholt believes that even with low reservoir levels, if exports are high for the week, that won’t be the case.

It is completely wrong to see it as a week. The system is designed to require more exports in a week when Europe has less wind. It will be the opposite next week, says Lilliholdt.

Cabin owners are expensive

He is still worried about people’s finances before the expensive electricity winter.

Now the easiest thing for consumers is to take last winter’s consumption and multiply it by two kroner. Including the electricity subsidy, it will be there, and then you will get a more accurate price on the bill, says Lilleholt.

This applies to homeowners, but for cottage owners, winter can be very expensive.


ECO COZY: A fire in the fireplace is not only cozy but also financially beneficial for many people who get expensive electricity.

Photo: Stig Morten Wage / NRK

Cabin owners should really be concerned, says Lillehold

Everyone who goes to the cabin needs to buy firewood, because without electricity support there is a completely different calculation. In the cabin, he says, even expensive gas station wood can be profitable.

Cold: It's cheaper to keep warm on skis than to heat a cabin for the winter.  Here at Sjusjøen a ski in a room at sunset.

Cold: It’s cheaper to keep warm on skis than to heat a cabin for the winter. Here at Sjusjøen a ski in a room at sunset.

Photo: Berit Roald / NTP

Lillihold reminds us that wood also has a cost, and if it’s expensive, it’s not worth having a fireplace with electricity and low calorific value.

Lilleholt believes that cabin owners and self-employed people can get a price of up to six kroner per kilowatt hour.

The government now has to look at who to include in the support scheme. He says the revenue of the state will be much higher than last year.

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