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Incredible weather event in the United States!

In California, thousands of firefighters have been battling a growing wildfire for days, and now its own weather is developing.

The flames of “Dixie Fire” are now so high that they will form their own clouds, the U.S. meteorologist who caused the fire on Sunday (local time) said.

A house is on firePhoto: Nova Berger / A.P.

These wild fire clouds mean thunderstorms, among other things. “Tomorrow can be a challenging day. If these clouds are large enough, they have the potential to generate lightning, ”the expert warned. Thunderstorms and strong winds are triggered by clouds of fire, which can further trigger a fire.

“Dixie Fire” has been raging for two weeksPhoto: Action Magazine

A fire broke out in the forests of Northern California in mid-July. By the end of the week, 5,400 firefighters were on duty there.

So far, very remote areas have been affected and some have been forced to flee their homes. However, according to the fire brigade, the flames are now in a dangerous condition in many places.

Preliminary investigations have revealed that the cause of the “Dixie fire” was a tree soaked over an electrical connection.

A car glows in the fire of a wildfire

A car glows in the fire of a wildfirePhoto: Nova Berger / A.P.

The operator of the electrical connection, the US energy supplier Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E), was already responsible for what will be called the “Campfire” in California in 2018. During that time, faulty electrical connections and inadequate security measures triggered a fire that killed 86 people.

Firefighters have been battling the blaze for several days

Firefighters fight the firePhoto: Nova Berger / A.P.

Wildfires are not uncommon in the region. But this year after years of drought, severe winds and early summer they erupted unusually. Experts see the link to climate change.

So far, the fire has destroyed three times as many plants as it did in 2020 – the previous record year for wildfires in California.

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