January 28, 2023


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"Caliphate" will be recorded in Norway - VG

“Caliphate” will be recorded in Norway – VG

EMMY Nominated: “Succession” has received 25 Emmy Award nominations.

One of the biggest TV series in the world, “Succession”, has come forward to record in Western Norway.


It’s reports Bergens Tidende, Which refers to documents at the Norwegian Film Institute.

The HBO series applied for a little money from the state incentive scheme for the film to be recorded in Western Norway. The scheme provides up to 25 percent reimbursement for productions of large international films and series that will be produced in whole or in part in Norway.

The series has received 25 Emmy nominations, more than any other series that has received awards this year.

will not hang

According to the newspaper, the request was sent by Norwegian film services company Truenorth Norway. The Norwegian company was responsible for shooting James Bond’s “Mission: Impossible” No Time to Die.

The company did not wish to comment on the case for BT.

We don’t have any comments on the app, as Per Henry Borch confirms at Truenorth for VG.

The application deadline is in November, so “Succession” producers won’t know until January if they’ll receive the money, BT wrote.

The series is an American satirical comedy with three seasons to date, with the action dealing with the wealthy and dysfunctional Roy family, who lead a media empire.

Dicethrow five

A VG reviewer rolled five dice rolls this fall In the previous and third season. Morten Staley Nielsen, who had watched seven of the nine episodes prior to the review, noted that there was some repetition.

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Nielsen wrote: – Season three is often crucial to modern television series productions.

The characters created in the first round are mastered through the second, by screenwriters who are higher in self-confidence than they were in the beginning.