January 27, 2023


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Calle Halfvarsson - Race against the Swedish Olympic Qualifier

Calle Halfvarsson – Race against the Swedish Olympic Qualifier

– It’s a parody, says Calle Halfvarsson of Swedish Expressen.

Sweden have already joined Jens Bormann, William Boroma, Leo Johansson, Markus Grat, Anton Persson, Oskar Svensson and Johan Hagström in the men’s squad for the Beijing Olympics.

Thus, there is only one place left in the team, which Gustav Berglund will not go to.

Parody: Calle Halfvarsson describes starting the quest in Ruka as a parody. Video: Lucas.
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– It’s unfortunate. I’m not talking about myself, maybe a little, but about the other boys on the team. If Berglund is going to win here, shouldn’t we send the World Cup winners to the Olympics? To me, it’s a parody, Halvarson explains.

Havevarsson, Oscar Svensson and Gustav Berglund all came out after the quarter-finals when there was a sprint race on the program at the Tour de Ski in Lenzerheide on Tuesday.

It’s still a place left

Sweden’s manager, Anders Bystrom, explains to the newspaper that the national team management had a good dialogue with the Olympic athletes involved along the way.

Kali Halvarson is among those who did not run as many sprints during the season, but still had a chance to qualify for the Olympic team, with one place remaining.

Bystrom explains that his reaction to not taking out Berglund is something he should be allowed to do. At the same time, he notes, withdrawing from the Olympics is always difficult.

– Now we have taken out seven pieces for the Olympics, but we still have a place left. The Sweden manager says it’s just about fighting for it.

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It remains uncertain whether the Swedes will travel with seven or eight riders to the championship.

Possibly the last seat vacant. It will depend on how the potential athletes perform further.