Calle Hellevang-Larsen: – Reveals new work

Calle Hellevang-Larsen: - Reveals new work

Comedian Kale Hellewang-Larson (44) Well known from “Fast men” And “With Yilvis tonight”But now the TV profile reveals that he has a new and exciting project.

The hidden camera is definitely not new to Calle, but now he gets his own TV show on TVNorge and Discovery +, which would be a great tool. The series is titled “Calles crazy world”.

– This is a drama series that uses a lot of actors from the real world and real people, without them knowing that they were involved in an action at the time, the 44-year-old tells Dockbladet and continues:

– So we use a hidden camera as part of the play.

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There is no doubt that “Call Time” will be more in the series.

– I’m playing a version of myself. In the series, I’m a superstar, Norway and probably the biggest camera king ever to disappear in Europe. So I look like a Hollywood superstar. Awesome, lives in a big house, everyone knows who I am, and the comedian laughs at Docbladet.

In the series, he completely exaggerated the version of himself, the main character’s job is to create a hidden camera program.

– A dream

The 44-year-old admits he had a big dream and it is now coming true.

– Being able to create something new yourself has been a dream for a long time.

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When asked what he thinks the outcome will be, he replied:

– This is an attempt to have fun. Now that we’ve started, it’s been the least fun so far.

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He follows with a laugh:

– At the very least it is intended to be fun.


At the same time, the comedian can reveal that the idea actually came from 2019 and that it has been postponed for a long time due to the corona epidemic.

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– It has a lot to do with the hidden camera area. Because you definitely depend on the reactions from people, and people were skeptical of being close to others during epidemics, he says:

– And the bandage element only means you don’t see people’s faces well.

But now it’s time for the idea to finally come to fruition. The series will be screened in the fall of 2022.

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