Camila Bodelsrut Sagen: – Basse rolling crown for dog:

Camila Bodelsrut Sagen: - Basse rolling crown for dog:

In 2020, “Good Morning Norway” presenter Kamila Bottilsrud Sagan (30) bought a house in her home village of Kirkenere in Inlandet. However, the home dream did not come true as she thought.

The idyll was quickly shattered when she discovered dampness in the basement of her newly purchased apartment – complete with bedroom and living room. The damage was discovered when she looked at the mold.

At that time, he took legal action against the former homeowner, where he demanded that the purchase be rescinded or the price reduced. Two days later it was in court It was clear that she had lost in every wayAnd together with court costs and legal fees, Sagan owed NOK 220,000.

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Now Segan is again in financial crisis. Bills are piling up after dog Bassey falls ill.

– A family member

In July, she woke up to find her nine-year-old beagle Bassey sick, with, among other things, vomiting, bloody stools and loss of appetite, making several visits to the vet.

It was Television 2 He was the first to point this out.

Sagen herself has no partner or children, and describes the dog as a family member.

– My live-in Bassey, my hunting and hiking buddy, who attends most social events with friends and family and sleeps on the couch and bed with me at night. So we have an unhealthy and wonderful relationship, Sagan tells Talkblade with a laugh.

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SUSS: Camilla and Boss love to walk together.  Photo: Private

SUSS: Camilla and Boss love to walk together. Photo: Private
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In the past year, the dog has, among other things, destroyed tendons in his toes, battled calcification and hip dysplasia and prostate problems after castration. Insurance is limited to 30,000.

When Basse fell ill again in July, the bills soon rose to more than NOK 60,000 – which was no longer covered by insurance. So far, he has had to pay NOK 45,000 from his own pocket.

The provider was told that Pace’s colon was abnormally thickened, which could indicate cancer or chronic appendicitis. Doctors also discovered a growth in his bladder that could turn cancerous.

Many hard days

The dog is sick, the court case after buying the house, and the saving account is drained, the case is now hundreds of thousands.

So, her uncle decided to set up a fundraising campaign at Spleis. Now the collection is over, NOK 24,000 has been collected from friends and strangers.

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The presenter tells Dagbladet that she has had a difficult few days lately.

– Boss is sick, how are you now?

– It was absolutely amazing. It may not have been the best thing, but it was a great surprise to see that Boss wasn’t feeling well before we got to the hospital. It was painful to see him like that. There were so many difficult days when he was in the hospital that I didn’t know if I wanted him back.

Kani Photo: Private

Kani Photo: Private
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– I know you don’t have a pet all your life, but when it gets really serious and he gets seriously ill, it’s incredibly difficult.

– Tears came immediately

The story also says that she was relieved when the split was made.

– I had money in a buffer account so I had money for vet expenses, but it would have been empty everywhere else. At first I thought “well, let’s pawn the empty bottles and be tight for a while”. The fact that the cleavage was created relaxed my shoulders a lot, and I felt so relieved.

She initially found it difficult to accept donations from strangers and friends.

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– I didn’t start separating, so it was a bit hard to accept at first. I had to put it aside and be infinitely grateful for what people gave in ways big and small. My dear uncle who started the roll – it’s absolutely amazing, he adds:

– I cried so much! People care so much about someone they don’t know and a dog that I was speechless at first. While Basse was still in the hospital I saw the cleavage and immediately burst into tears. It’s hard to put into words, it was absolutely insane, she says gratefully.

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