Camila Cabello & Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber and Carmen Villain – VG

Camila Cabello & Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber and Carmen Villain - VG
Poetry Goal: Camila Cabello brought Ed Sheeran to meet more listeners. Or vice versa.

…as well as the obnoxious collaboration between rockstars and rappers who should know better: the dice must be used in full when considering the sound of the weekend.


Camila Cabello and Ed Sheeran – Bam Bam

VG dice show two points

No, it’s not the classic Reggae sister Nancy from 1982 who wears 2022 gloves — thankfully, one might be tempted to add. Camila Cabello and eternal opportunist Ed Sheeran instead tried to throw themselves on the latinopop-via-Disney vibe of “Encanto.” It looks “fiery” and “colorful” and isn’t directly annoying. At least if you don’t listen well.

Ume Lay and Justin Bieber – “Attention”

VG dice show 4 points

Another collaboration where one side is suspicious – Justin Bieber, if there is any doubt – wants to expand commercial fishing grounds. Or it may be the other way around. Anyway, Nigerian artist Uma Lai made a very fun and catchy song, and his Canadian duo partner throws himself at it without much issues. Still: It does feel a little sleepy in the long run, that is.

Mall Girl – “Someone by the Pool”

VG dice show 5 points

One of the newest breaths of Norwegian Forest Indie Matt Jazz (exist!) is ready with a new taste from the “Superstar” album, which was announced in April. And it helps: This sounds difficult. A piece of melodic-pop candy that barely lasts two minutes meets a gritty soundscape and feisty rhythms – with equal parts lasting effect and mega-impact.

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Red Hot Chili Peppers – “Baby Sticker”

VG dice show 3 points

The second single from RHCP’s comeback album “Unlimited Love” is true. Anthony Kiedis & Company. He takes the opportunity to sing some of the great personalities of the last century, from Millie Mel and Yoko Ono to John Coltrane and Steve Miller. A useful starting point to be avoided in a lazy rap funk song you’ll miss the ’90s music for is very To be able to fall completely.

Evil Carmen – “Thin Bodies”

VG dice showing 6 points

You’ve got to be right: Carmen Villen’s fourth studio album, “Only Love From Now On,” was released last Friday. But the former Norwegian supermodel’s music is -increasingly-needing time to unfold her wings, and only a week later begins to demonstrate just how powerful this version actually is. Best of all: “Thin Bodies,” where the ocean soars, dubbing and tech in a holy trinity, and the feel of comfort inside a plant in a rainforest happen along the way. in the best possible way.

Tunisia – “The Dark Forest”

VG dice show 5 points

Frøkedal’s chic and elegant album “Flora” stands out as one of the most translated albums of the past year. It’s undeniable that Ann-Liz Froeckedal has a watchful ear for the best indie rock of the ’90s, but she’s able to put her own stamp of expression. In Tønes’ isolated version of “Dark Woods” we delve further into the woods: “You won’t follow the path / You must make a new path,” our man sings as he walks through the woods, his mother alone, with ever-worst prospects on their side. Beautiful, naked, and necessary.

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Jack White & Q-Tip – “Hi-De-Ho”

VG dice show one point

What happened to Jack White? Does he charm us, or does he expect the hesitant musical material he’s involved in to be taken seriously? And how the hell did he manage to trick the legend of A Tribe Called Quest Q-Tip – at best one of the sexiest rappers of all time – into this lousy sandwich of song? Many questions. Life is too short to search for answers.

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