Camilla Henmark and Anna Anka:

Camilla Henmark and Anna Anka:

Swedish singer and former reality show participant Camilla Henmark (57) He surprised many during the Kristallen Award Gala in 2018.

The party had just begun, and there were many Hollywood ladies on their way Anna Anka (51) On stage to present one of the awards given.

– Shut up and speaking Swedish, Henemark shouted from the audience as Anka was about to reveal the award winner.

The singer is said to have been expelled from the concert as a result of the statement.

Now, four years later, Henemark tells about the accident again.

the sun: Swedish Hollywood actress Anna Anka distinguished herself at this year’s edition of Camp Colinaris. Video: Viafree / Red Runner
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Express Mention it first.

On the latest episode of the podcast “wheel of life” Henemark guest with Anna Hegestrand.

The announcer asks if she ever talked about what happened in 2018 with the Hollywood lady.

– No, I don’t think she really wants to do anything with me. And Henemark answers in the podcast, and it might seem a bit mutual.

It also tells us what was later referred to as the Kristalin scandal.

It all started with her fear of seeing the other participants of the “Biggest VIP Loser”, in which the singer was a participant the year before.

– I didn’t eat anything, so I got there and poured myself several glasses of wine. Then the Hollywood wives appeared on the scene. I had just heard an interview where (Anna Anka, the daily magazines) bragged about how she learned English in three weeks. She could not understand the refugees who could not learn Swedish when they came to Sweden. Then I thought: “Oh my God, you don’t even speak Swedish.”

Actually Norwegian: Swedish star Anna Anka is one of ten participants who will participate in the spring season of “Camp Colinaris”. Video: Red Runner
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jokingly adds:

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– I am grateful that I am dark-skinned and she is blonde, so what if I am blonde and she is dark-skinned, and I cried: “Speak Swedish!” She laughs.

– It’s so embarrassing

The singer immediately realized that she had gone too far, and then decided to take a break from the spotlight.

Just hours after the incident, Henemark spoke about the scandal to the Swedes Aftonbladet.

– It’s so embarrassing, I can barely watch the clip myself… I wasn’t a bit worried. I don’t understand what happened in my head. I know I had a little bad impulse control, she said at the time, but that was something else.

Reference: Christer Falk received criticism after a scooter trip he took to a better dinner with “16 Weeks of Hell” partner Yorn Hall. Video: Red Runner / Discovery +
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Furthermore, she said that the ceremony was her comeback, and that it was the best opportunity she had to introduce herself to the industry.

However, the former reality participant did not show his best side.

– I obviously can’t even leave the house without making headlines for dirty things. I won’t get a job in this country for some time. Maybe I will have to retire.

Henemark gained international attention when she claimed in 2010 that she had a more than friendly relationship with Swedish King Carl Gustaf (76).

angry – again: Gunilla Persson is stalking someone’s throat again – this time with Swedish broadcaster Gunde Svan. Video: TV4 / Cmore
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– I dont care

Anka previously spoke about the accident on the Swedish radio program “B5 Morgon”.

– She wanted attention on me. I don’t care about people’s opinions. They can say and think what they want from me. She said in the program referred to in the program, I’m not here to be admired Express.

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In a letter to the newspaper, Anka said today:

“The prejudice and criticism I have received from others always comes from their own concerns. Most people know my name, but not what I have been through.”

Furthermore, the former reality star wrote that she ignores people who speak badly behind her back.

She writes: “They are exactly where they need to be – behind me.”

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