– Can carry dangerous infectious agents

– Can carry dangerous infectious agents

Dermacenter marginatus is called tick. Randy Eikland says it has yet to be given a Norwegian name. Photo: Anton de Jong and Giulio Grandi/SVA.

Tick ​​species can carry a deadly virus. The expert asks to focus on the dangers in Norway.

– This is a type of sheep tick that can also attack humans, explains Randy Eiland.

Swedish authorities have discovered a new species of tick. Statens Veterinmedicinska Anstalt (SVA) writes that it was discovered in the Stockholm area.

– It can carry some different infectious agents that can affect both animals and humans.

Randy Eiland
Randy Eiland

Head of the Tick Center at Sørlandet Hospital

The new type of raft is naturally found elsewhere in southern Europe. The Staten's veterinärmedicinska anstalt (SVA) calls this “alternative forfasting”.

It can also carry dangerous diseases

– What we are most afraid of is that it will carry some infectious agent that we don't have, and diseases will be more dangerous than before, says Eykland.

Crimean Congo virus is one of the most feared diseases to spread.

– It is a fever associated with bleeding. The mortality rate can be as high as 40 percent.

A tick found in Sweden has tested negative for both Q-fever and Crimean-Congo virus.

Randy Eykland emphasizes how important it is to check yourself and remove ticks. Photo: John Eig / NTP

– We are very pleased that all ticks tested negative for the Crimean Congo virus, which can cause severe disease in humans. Giulio Grandi, veterinarian and parasitologist at SVA, said in a press release.

Increase in infection cases

– Can ticks come to Norway?

– Randy Eiland explains that you can't rule out that it will come, but you can't rule out that it won't either.

He believes it is unlikely that tick species are already present in Norway.

– It will come to Sweden first because it is warmer there.

The expert explains that Norwegians should first think about tick-borne diseases in this country.

– Here we have it Lyme disease And TBE virus Also known as encephalitis virus.

He talks about the real increase in infections in recent years.

  • According to the FHI, there are currently 41 cases of Lyme disease in Norway.
  • In 2023, according to statistics from the Directorate of Health, 113 TBE cases were reported in Norway, of which 86 patients were infected in this country.

Amplification of the vaccine

One thing in particular that Iceland thinks should be considered.

– We recommend TBE vaccination for people with ticks along the entire coastline from Sweden to Flekkefjord.

Eikeland clarifies that the vaccine only protects against the TBE virus, not Lyme disease.

– That's why it's so important that you remove the tick and check yourself.

He believes people are more aware of the increase, and points to vaccination statistics.

– Double the number of vaccinated people.

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