Can KI write about your book and sell it on Amazon?

Can KI write about your book and sell it on Amazon?

what's up If you suspect a tech company used your voice to create a bot? Yesterday, we could read about Scarlett Johansson, who was upset because OpenAI used a voice that looked suspiciously like hers in its AI chatbot. OpenAI approached Scarlett Johansson last year, offering to be the voice behind GPT-4o. The reason OpenAI approached her specifically was because her voice was used for AI in the sci-fi film “Her” from 2013. After thinking about it, Johansson declined the offer from OpenAI. However, a digital voice suspiciously reminiscent of Johansson's voice appears when OpenAI launches its robot.

For about A year ago, 160,000 Hollywood actors went on strike. They were afraid of being replaced by machines and told them that the studios had proposed scanning photos of the actors and their faces, and that the studio had the right to use this forever.

Technology is used to manipulate choices

These are real dilemmas Which comes quickly when we as a society embrace and embrace the amazing opportunities that artificial intelligence and new technology provide us. At the Culture Directorate, we are optimistic about technology. We support development, innovation and introduction of new technology. But we also recognize the dilemmas that arise, and that actors in the arts and culture sector must participate in discussions about AI. Visual artists, writers, dancers and actors should point out and contribute to relevant issues, dilemmas and opportunities. Because who really owns your voice? Can your dance move be sold in Fortnite? Can an AI robot rewrite your book and sell it on Amazon?

Another exciting thing What happened yesterday is that the European Union adopted the world's first artificial intelligence law. Now, among other things, all materials generated by artificial intelligence, whether images, audio or text, must be classified. This is a major milestone and a first step on the path to organizing an instrument that creates opportunities and dilemmas for our society and economic models. Through good and joint regulation, we can ensure that new tools are used in a way that ensures a good framework for innovation, facilitates public-private cooperation, and gives us a starting point to discuss the dilemma and consequences that we are sure to face. Face .

The law has now been adopted In the European Union, I look forward to our digitalization strategy, which should also receive attention in the cultural sector. Here, Norway can take the lead, and in this way we can ensure a society that will also have a rich and diverse artistic and cultural life in the future.

What do you mean? Send your text to [email protected] or participate in the discussion in the comment field below – and remember your full name!

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